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Zeke, with the assistance of Eren (and the Survey corps), has actually betrayed Marley in order to put his “secret plan” in motion. Marley arc

While discussing the conditions presented to Zeke by Darius Zackary, Eren misunderstands his half-brother’s intentions. “The Rumbling” is supposed to relieve the island dwellers of their suffering.

Eren was surprised at his brother’s plan after Zeke disclosed it. He knew that Zeke, as the Founding titan, has the power, and Zeke is only a catalyst. He remained loyal to Zeke’s plan, even though he knew it was impossible.

Zeke reached out and grabbed the contact he had been waiting for all these years, as Gabi flew Eren’s head. Finally, Zeke explains all he knew about Ymir to the brothers as they enter the coordinate. He didn’t know that Eren was also waiting for this moment for a while to overwrite Zeke’s will to serve Ymir, triggering “the Rumbling”.

So, Eren betrayed Zeke.

Eren betrayed Zeke, because their methods of saving Eldia were not compatible with.

This betrayal wasn’t something that just happened. The answer is obvious if we examine Eren’s personality and Zeke’s.

Zeke’s Euthanisation plan was not acceptable to Eren, who is a fighter. Eren said that he was lucky enough to have been “born into the world.” This was something he didn’t want to give up on the Eldia people.

I was born into this world.

Eren yeager

The difference between ideologies

From the beginning Eren was a fighter. The Attack Titan gave Eren the motivation to chase his dream of freedom at all costs.

Although he starts as a very one-dimensional character , he was wronged by the titans. He then wanted revenge . However, his circumstances forced him to see that the world is not as monochromatic and as simple as we think. It is not possible for one side to be completely pure and the other to be utterly evil or sinful.

He finally found a way to save Paradis. But it meant that he had to kill thousands of people. He believed it was the only way of restoring Eldia’s glory and was perfectly happy to assume the role devil.

Zeke, Eren’s older half-brother, also wanted Eldia to be freed. He wanted to do it without fighting. He wanted the Eldians accept their fate and to be extinct. He planned to implement Tom Xaver’s idea to relieve the Eldians of their suffering by removing their freedom. He wanted to Euthanize Eldia in its entirety.

Zeke, unlike Eren was not a fighter. This was evident in his choices, which he even made to betray his parents. Zeke didn’t stand up to those who looked down upon him. He was someone who wished that he never had been born. This is why he leaned towards the Euthanisation plan. This was actually the exact motif that inspired this plan.

He knew that the Titan tactics would soon be outpowered by modern weapons, artillery, and other technologies, but he still desired the Founding titan’s power, which Eren had inherited from Eren.

Zeke believed that his plan would bring peace to this world. He felt that Eldians, due to their ability turn into Titans, will continue to be punished in this world. They will be mistrusted and their titan power will bring about conflict with everyone, leading to an endless cycle in death and suffering.

It’s unlikely that Eren, a fighter such as himself, would be willing to give up on his cause in the face disaster. He would not have turned his back upon the devil-spreading naysayers. Eren was determined to achieve his goal, and he didn’t intend to let go.

So, even though he knew that Zeke’s plan for Eldia was futile and unfair, why did he agree to it from the beginning?

Why did Eren choose Zeke over Eren?

Eren was quick to respond. He wanted to use the Founding Titans’ powers. This could only be done if he had royal blood. Historia was not interested in Eren’s involvement in the Titans and their powers mess, so Zeke seemed like the right choice.

Zeke was the one who decided the death of an Eldian. Although Eren believed Zeke was correct at one point, he strongly rejects his idea. This is exactly what Grisha did to Zeke by forcing his own philosophy onto his son and denying him the freedom of choice. Zeke is making the same mistake, taking away the Eldian freedom to choose whether life is worth living despite suffering.

Eren was a fighter for freedom, for his family and for the people he loved. Eren wanted to use the power of the Founding Titan for their freedom.

He realized that the Founding Titan’s powers did not have the trigger to allow him to finish his plan for “Rumbling”. He decided to laugh at Zeke and play along until he reached the coordinate, understanding the power he had.

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