We met an oddity in Hage, a village out in the Clover Kingdom’s boonies. Asta was a magical boy with extraordinary determination. Asta has grown from a peasant boy to become a reliable fighter for both the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom. Asta is the Clover Kingdom’s most normal boy, with a grimoire that looks filthy and has the power only he can use.

Asta is the proud owner of a five leaf grimoire, which has allowed him to take steps towards his goal of becoming the Wizard King. Where did this grimoire come?

Asta got his grimoire.

Asta received his five-leaf grimoire at Hage Village’s Grimoire tower after the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony. This was in a moment both of despair and redemption. All children in the Clover Kingdom are granted their grimoires at the age of 15. Asta and Yuno were able to reach the Grimoire Tower at Hage to participate in their Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony. Yuno, a mage who is loved by mana was granted the possession of the four-leaf grimoire, which was also the property of the first Wizard King Lemiel.

Asta is the only child who does not get any Grimoires from the whole group. Asta is a magical boy and dreams of becoming the Wizard King.

Asta is ridiculed for this reason and begins to feel down-spirited. Revchi, an ex Magic Knight, seize Yuno while he was still deep in thought. Revchi wanted Yuno’s grimoire to be taken by him and sold it on the black marketplace. Asta notices this and steps in to save Yuno. Asta is overpowered by Chain Magic-user who reiterates Asta’s lack of magic and says that he was born a loser. Asta feels depressed and gives up on his dream. But Yuno interrupts him and announces that Asta has a rival.

Asta realizes that he has just succumbed to despair for a second and rises up again, breaking the chains that bound him. He is greeted by a grimoire with a dirty appearance. It flies from the Grimoire Tower’s walls and opens. Asta takes out a sword from it and uses it to defeat Revchi. The “dirty” five-leaf grimoire contains a devil and a sword with Anti-Magic. Asta would become a legendary rookie with this sword, which would turn out to be one of the Clover Kingdom’s most powerful weapons.

Asta has Licht’s grimoire

Asta’s five leaf grimoire was once a 4-leaf grimoire, which belonged to Licht, the leader of Elves. When the owner drowns in despair, a four-leaf grimoire becomes black.

Licht’s clan was destroyed by humans many hundreds of years ago due to the unfortunate eyes of Zagred, a devil who had spied on Licht’s grimoire. His grimoire became darkened as a result of his despair. Although the battle between the first Wizard King, the elven leader ended in a bittersweet ending, the grimoire remained the same.

Asta was able to get the five-leaf clover grimoire from another person before he did. This coincidence is unbelievable! Is it a coincidence?

Before Asta, who owned the five-leaf grimoire?

Asta’s mother Licita had the five-leaf grimoire since before Asta. This is when she sealed Liebe in the grimoire. This could be why Asta might have been chosen for his grimoire.

Liebe was an undead without magic, who was bullied before being kicked out the Underworld. He wandered aimlessly through the human realm, but humans fear him even though he is a child without any ill intent. They called Magic Knights and chased him till he almost died. He was waiting for his death to end his miserable life. But Licita found him.

He was not frightened of her and she took him home. She admitted that she had an uncanny magic ability that took the life force and mana out of everyone around her. This led to her being outcast from the village. Licita asked for the devil to become her son so they wouldn’t be alone anymore, and she named him Liebe.

Lucifer, the most powerful devil, discovered that Liebe was living in the human realm and he appeared into Liebe’s body to take control. Lucifer was not to be denied by Licita, who refused to let her child go as she did with Asta. She was fatally stabbed, but she sealed Liebe in the grimoire in the final moments. She did this to protect him, until he grew up strong and large.

Liebe was sealed in by the grimoire Licita, which had five leaves. Before finding Liebe, she had discovered the book in a dusty place.

How did the Grimoire get to Hage village’s tower?

After Licita had sealed Liebe into it, the grimoire was abandoned. How did it get to Hage village’s Grimoire Tower?

An unidentified villager took it home and brought it to the tower

Licita lived in a small village near Hage village. Asta had left her there. It is known that Hage, as well as the children from nearby villages, have attended the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony at Hage’s Grimoire Tower since a very long time.

When a kind villager came to visit the spot where Licita was killed in her fight with Lucifer after she had died, they found the grimoire and placed it next to Licita. The next step was to return it to the Grimoire Tower.

Drouot knew where the grimoire was located.

Another surprising thought is that Drouot, Grimoire Tower’s Keeper, knew all along about the five-leaf Grimoire. This could be due to many reasons. It can be easily deduced from the mentioned possibility that it was given to the Grimoire Tower by a villager. Since he is the keeper of the Grimoire Tower, he also knows about it.

However, his surprise at Asta getting the grimoire might suggest that he believed it was an inutilable grimoire (or that there was more to it than a worn-out book). A second possibility is that legends and myths passed down through generations may have hints about the origin of a grimoire such as this one.

This is an interesting angle. Although Drouot is not mentioned in detail, he was depicted as a wise man who was especially focused on in the first few chapters.

This suggests that there is a chance that he might not be a tower keeper but could also be connected to Licita. They could be friends, father-daughter, or even acquaintances. He might have visited Licita and found her deceased, if that were the case. He may have also known about Liebe, and so, could have figured out some of the events. Drouot took the grimoire with him, sealed it in the Grimoire Tower’s walls to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands and then left.

This could also explain Asta’s surprise expression when he received the strange grimoire.

What powers does Asta’s grimoire possess?

Asta has the grimoire that gives him the power to use Anti Magic. To reflect, cut or nullify magic, he can use Anti Magic-infused swords. To assume his Black Form, he can draw out the power from his body and circulate it. Liebe, a five-leaf grimoire that Asta possesses, is responsible for this unique power.

Asta’s magically inert body makes it possible for him to draw this power out and use it without any harm. Later, he also signs a contract to use the Devil Union form with Liebe.

What do you think about Asta receiving his five-leaf clover Grimoire? Could there have been a reason Asta was chosen for the grimoire?

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