Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 53 was supposed to answer some questions. But it brought up more! This article will go over the new chapter and break it down piece by piece.

Kawaki is confronted by Isshiki Otsutsuki, the biggest threat to his life. Isshiki has now successfully negotiated a distance with Kawaki. Amado feels that the ninja universe is doomed. Naruto shouts at Kawaki for running away to make his life easier.

Naruto said so. Isshiki leaps at him and …… poofs!


Although I may be exaggerating, it would be a shame if there wasn’t a complete explanation of Naruto’s and Kuramas exit from Baryon mode. This meant that they were certain to die. However, I would like to remain positive and speculate that this could be related to Kurama’s sacrifice for Naruto. It’s possible to read more about it here.

It would be disappointing if it was just a plot armour, as Kishimoto attempts to correct the mistakes made by Kodachi with the story. Naruto would rather die than survive due to a plot armor-like scenario.

Recalling the Isshiki situation: he is running out of time and grabs Kawaki to help him escape.

With Kawaki held by the throat and Sasuke switching places instantly with Kawaki via Amenotejikara, allowing him some distance.
Isshiki hurls Sasuke on the ground. Sasuke shouts at Kawaki for him to throw a smokeball near him to escape.

Sasuke uses Amenotejikara

But, then?

Sasuke has been all over the place, again!

Isshiki is furious and pushesSasuke down. He claims that these tricks won’t work against his because he has the byakugan. He doesn’t know that the smoke ball contains a special mineral which blocks Claivoriyant powers. It may be enough to stop Isshiki even though it lasts only a few moments.

Isshiki, furious, screams for Kawaki and flies around trying to grab Kawaki. With the help of the smoke, Kawaki quickly is able to flee from his Otsutsuki prey. Isshiki is forced to make a choice and uses Kawaki’s strong connections against him as any heartless villain would.

He attacks Naruto, stomping him and making him cough some blood. He claims that Kawaki has twenty second to surrender or his beloved Hokage is going to die.

Kawaki is now in a difficult situation as he has never had a father other than Naruto. His father was abusive, and he sold him to Jigen. Kawaki used to hide in Kara Base from Jigen out fear only to be caught and punished. He felt complete after meeting Naruto.

Jigen said that Kawaki has a hole in it which cannot be filled. Our Seventh Hokage was able to fill it and give Kawaki a purpose in his life. He said that Kawaki was very similar to him and wants to take good care of him. These are strong words but they also come from Naruto who is a person who wears his heart on the sleeve.

Kawaki saves Naruto

Both Naruto, and Sasuke realized that the ninja universe was doomed at this moment. Isshiki is moving towards his vessel when Kawaki attempts to stop him using fire-style Ninjutsu. Although it wasn’t an issue for Isshiki it was surprising that Kawaki knew anything about ninjutsu.

He mocks Kawaki and then says that he doesn’t like Seventh. Kawaki then infuses him the Karma seal, saying that he will be resurrected once his body has begun to collapse.

Kawaki has transformed from a vessel into someone who feels genuine emotions and accepts them. He grew in emotion, but he was also able to fool Isshiki. Isshiki was flabbergasted when the karma seal on his hands starts to disappear. As he yells at Kawaki, he holds his hand and tries to get an answer. His hand falls away. Kawaki asks Mr Otsuki “Mr Otsuki, can you tell us how long you can hold on to your existence?” Seconds?”

Isshiki is knocked to the ground by another Kawaki; he used the shadow doubler jutsu. WOW.

Although I was initially frustrated by the concept, I now see it as logical. It is clear that the King Of Trolls, Masahi Kishimoto , would be making his return as the original creator Naruto.

Isshiki tricked by shadow clone

Shadow doppelganger is also a Naruto’s signature Jutsus. It also brings back some technical outsmarting elements from the original Naruto series (remember Shikamaru’s attack on Hidan?). Isshiki Oksutsuki is the greatest threat to the shinobi universe and has not yet figured out that a shadow clone is just convenient plot arm. But, I’m serious.

Kawaki can’t compete with Isshiki who Naruto couldn’t handle well. They must use their time advantage to force Isshiki to fall for a trap. This is the only way they can win.

Isshiki didn’t know his vessel could use ninjutsu, namely, the Shadow Clone Jutsu, before Kawaki’s fire style. No Otsuki ever uses byakugan, even when they are on the brink. We all know how arrogant Otsukis can be; this makes it easy to make the end of the fight unpredictable without relying on power scaling in Boruto.

The trick had its risks. Kawaki could easily be caught if Isshiki was able to see through his shadow clones, or if the Karma sealing worked. As Kawaki moves towards Naruto, he stomps through Isshiki’s degrading body. Sasuke then asks Naruto his condition.
Naruto attempts to avoid the question but Kawaki and Sasuke pressurize him into speaking the truth.

This is the ultimate twist!

As soon as Naruto was about to speak out Boruto stabbed Sasuke in the Rinnegan eye with his kunai! Yes! It was you! Momoshiki Otsutsuki!

Borushiki claims that he didn’t expectthem defeat Isshiki, but that’s fine with him. Naruto is the only problem and Sasuke is the only one left. Sasuke is saved a lot of trouble by removing his rinnegan. He can defeat Sasuke and Naruto given their weakness right now.

This chapter was overall a fantastic one. This chapter raised many questions about Naruto’s Baryon Mode, Sasuke’s Rinnegan, and Borushiki’s plan. It sets us up for continuous action for the next 10-20 Chapters at the minimum while also bringing back some of the original Naruto series tricks.

What were your thoughts on Isshiki’s defeat, Naruto’s switch from the Baryon mode to Isshiki’s attack? Keep commenting below, and don’t forget to visit our site often as we explore the series in depth! Viz offers the opportunity to read the latest chapters Boruto – Naruto Next Generations Manga.

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