The breakup is the climax. It is about Rowan Atkinson’s girlfriend Rowan Atkinson. Rowan Atkinson is best known as the English comic book institution Mr. Bean. Rowan is also a specialist in physical issues. Acaster, in a sad smile, describes the comical horror of being a young comedian that is “leftover for Mr. Bean.” This sentence he repeated in a horror movie with the urgency and violins. He is a master of cringe comedy, and keeps digressing to avoid being criticized for making it bittersweet and petty.

Acaster isn’t a comic strip which tells the truth but doesn’t care about what people think. While he seems to be concerned about his success, he uses his own sensibility to add tension to his stories. He explains the drama with his agent and shows that he is fair. In fact, he said that he will only tell the story from his perspective. It starts with, “The first thing that you need to understand is that I ruined all of it and made it laugh.”

Although it is an old trick to make fun of someone’s thinking by creating the worst possible logic, few people have ever done this as fully or for as long. Acaster’s jokes are theatrical in nature. There is also an elaborate pantomime using props. To illustrate his view on Brexit, he orders food at a restaurant.

He fights with enthusiasm and, in an argument with his agent about his mental health, he reminds us of his struggles that led to him seeing a therapist. This resulted in the most explosive fight ever on the show. He smiles as if he is enjoying the dirty fun of reading his text messages from his phone.

This show has seen many different versions so if you purchase Cold Lasagna Hate Myself 1999, you might get another 40-minute performance on similar topics. Although cold lasagna is not mentioned in the show, it is strange that “hating yourself” is even mentioned. There is so much loathing here.

Sometimes subdued anger serves as a joke, other times it’s a set-up, but it is essential for this show. Acaster claims he has traveled all over the United States, and adds, “Let’s just say that I absolutely hate Britain.”

He then always apologizes for the incorrect order of the words. He pauses and says, “I made it wrong.” “I hate the British.”

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