Black Clover is a popular anime known for its characters. Each character in this universe has a unique personality and experiences character development over time.

It is therefore not surprising that most of them became fan-favorites. Julius Novachrono is the Wizard King.

The Wizard king is a warm, friendly person with sharp senses and great skills. I can even whip up Time Magic jokes in time.

He is admired by all Clover Kingdom residents. Julius is a very likable character because of his humility and kindness.

In a shocking series of events however, Julius is killed by Licht, the leader and leader of the Elf (albeit for a brief time). How did this happen?

Is Julius dead?

The Wizard King Julius Novachrono has not died. However, he survived the battle and returned to life, though in a slightly different way.

It is revealed at the start of the Reincarnation Ark that William, the captain of Golden Dawn was actually a host for Licht or Patolli.

Patolli was the leader of the Elves & the Eye of the Midnight Sun. His soul, which was hundreds of years old, had been reincarnated in William as a child.

William was torn between loyalty to his childhood friend, who understood his pain at being ignored by everyone, and his salvation who saw past his flaws to give him a chance for rebuilding his life.

He left the decision to the heavens, and asked them both to spar.

They opened their grimoires, and they began fighting at a high speed. It was a clash between two powerful magic forms: Light & Time.

Although Julius was able to see the future in a few seconds, they were still on equal footing.

Why did that happen?

Both the answers to this question and the question about the victory of the wizard King in the battle are based on one thing: handicap.

Patolli’s first handicap was Julius’s inability to harm William, his friend and old comrade. This made it easier to defeat Julius and limit him to defense only.

He also brought William to a dais, where he could hold power and loan it to Patolli. He felt responsible for any additional casualties.

Patolli saw that Julius was more concerned with protecting others than attacking them, and he decided to give Julius his second handicap.

A spell he cast made every Clover Kingdom citizen’s sword dangle from his shoulders. Julius was faced with two options: save himself or save millions.

He chose to cast a counterspell and chose the second option. Patolli took advantage of this moment to use a sword to score the last hit.

[Cue the tears, but only for a moment)

He did have us in the first part, wasn’t he? I was just as shocked as William and Yami. Julius gives Yami his determination, and we our tears back!

One thing is certain, Julius was a huge loss in narrative potential.

How did the Wizard King survive?

Julius Novachrono was alive, and ‘came to life’ thanks his time magic and the mana he had kept in the Swallowtail.

Banzai, our adored Wizard King lives!

Do you have a hard time understanding the process? Let me explain.

Lemiel, the first Wizard King was fond of creating magic items to eradicate mana inequalities between humans and elves.

Together with Secre, his companion (or, as we know her, Nero), he had made many items for magic storage.

Julius discovered a wonderful item that was unused, but had potential during one of his idle incognito journeys. His magic was compatible with the item, which coincidentally.

He discovered that the article was a Swallowtail from old books at his castle.

He discovered that the Swallowtail could be used to store some of his mana over time and then connect it to his body. A mark was placed on his forehead to confirm this.

The Swallowtail held 13 years’ worth of his Time Magic. The system would activate in the event of an accident, which allowed him to restart.

He “died” during his fight against Patolli, and this time-reversal was activated.

But there was a problem. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough magic to immediately start from the point he had stopped.

He became a chibiself, with much less mana than Julius during his prime.

He is kawaiithough and gets bonus points!

With the many dangers in Clover Kingdom, it is important to ask if the most important person in this kingdom can get back on his feet.

Is Julius going to be strong?

Is Julius strong enough to stand up again immediately? No.

Yes, over the next few decades. It is my belief. Black Clover stated many times that mage’s magic increases with their growth.

Technically Julius is a genius with knowledge, but his mana is only 12-15 years old. His mana will increase as he “grows up”.

Although it will be a while before this happens, it is possible.

Do you think you now have a better idea of what happened to Julius? Are you convinced that Julius will again be powerful? Please let me know.

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