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Download a 7-day Free Trial or Buy VideoProc with 60% Off Coupon [Sponsored Post]

by Walter Jules

You may have seen piles of video editing tools, but here we’ll show you a different one – VideoProc, developed by Digiarty Software, Inc. It is not a “standard” video editing program. Some consider VideoProc a complete toolbox also for video transcoding, but some insist that it a video converter with vivid video editing features. No matter what, it is definitely a less CPU-consuming video processing software application with the ultimate utilization of Intel, AMD or Nvidia GPU power for acceleration.

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The current version of VideoProc might not for you to replace your Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Apple Final Cut Pro X, basically because it processes videos in a linear manner. It is an incremental solution and a good troubleshooter for many specific media problems, especially,

  1. when your Premiere Pro fails to import or deal with 4K HEVC/VP9, GoPro 60fps or DJI MOV footages.
  2. when your computer crashes frequently when opening large and lengthy video files.
  3. when your videos get highly compressed or out of sync when being edited through some apps.
  4. when you simply need to cut, crop, merge or resize the video without further ado.

The good news from the developer for Christmas 2019

Now is also the chance to save 60% on VideoProc from the official Christmas Special Offer, with the coupon “XMAS-EXTRA“. If you need to know details on how to use the coupon, you can head over to https://www.videoproc.com/event/holiday-offer.htm

Unique Features of VideoProc

VideoProc comes kitted with a video/audio/DVD converter, a video editor, a video/music downloader and a screen/webcam recorder. Therefore, your various multimedia recreation demands are covered within the single program. It has an edge over others in the following aspects:

  • VideoProc Is Born for HEVC and Uncommon Videos

Built-in with a set of decoders and encoders, VideoProc has stronger compatibility than most video editing apps. It is capable of handling virtually all types of videos, be it encoded by HEVC, VP9, or from an action cam, a DJI drone, a DSLR, a CCTV camera or a smartphone. Likewise, it has 470+ ready-made output formats and profiles to facilitate playback on different devices or uploading to YouTube, Facebook, etc.

  • Turbo Boosted Speed in Video Converting and Editing

For some people, VideoProc is just like a lifesaver for tweaking and rendering power-hungry videos like 4K ultra HD and raw videos. Radically, its unique Level-3 Hardware Acceleration Technology will automatically recognize and fully and reasonably utilize the GPU and CPU resources on your computer. Together with Hyper-threading and AMD 3DNow!, video converting speed can be 47x real-time faster, and the performance of both single and multithreaded processing are improved dramatically. You don’t have to install any other plugin or application to achieve this.

  • High Fidelity & Up to 90% Compression Ratio

Developed in the new era and updated frequently, this software always utilizes the up-to-date codec and compression algorithm. Taking transcoding an H264 (AVC) to H265 (HEVC) video, for instance, the compression ratio can reach 90%, while still preserving high image quality. This is important when you want to just reduce the file size but not to sacrifice too much quality.

  • Small Features, Big Roles

Some editing features of VideoProc are seemingly unremarkable, but they can meet most video editing demands. You may say almost every video editor can cut, crop, merge and rotate videos. But VideoProc just makes them ultimate and handy. Even if you know little about video editing or video conversion, you can pick a preset and achieve quick editing with satisfied results. The customizable settings can give you control over details at your free will.

No matter you are a beginner or a pro in video making, VideoProc will be a quick and easy option. It helps convert, edit and adjust all kinds of videos without the need to fiddle with the complicated timeline and hidden settings. If you don’t want to pay for any video editing or transcoding tool, the 7-day trial version is just for you.

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