Dragon Ball Super’s creators are keen to make Goku shine by giving him lots of plot armors. While Toriyama once stated that he didn’t like Vegeta , he found the character to be surprisingly interesting and well-written while he was writing the story. Because Vegeta is a popular character, he also respected the opinions of fans. Goku gets a lot more power boosts than the other characters. The Prince of all Saiyans is getting close to the others.

Resurrection F’ movie fans were delighted to see Goku transform into Super Saiyan Blue. The fact that Vegeta was also able to use the Blue form only added to their excitement and added an element of surprise. Although we know that Goku is always ahead of Vegeta, moments like these make it difficult to believe this and lead us to wonder if Vegeta could be a future reality.

Shenron, an eternal Dragon, showed our heroes how to attain the Super Saiyan God Form. This allowed Goku to become the red-haired form for the first time. Vegeta was lagging behind. However, in the fight against Frieza he was able to not only attain the God form but also to surpass it. Later, he uses the God form against Goku Black in Manga and against Broly. Everyone was puzzled by this. What and how did Vegeta acquire the Super Saiyan Godform and surpass it?

These questions are not answered in the main series. A worthy answer is possible by gathering a few clues and evidences together and analysing them. This article will attempt to do that.

When was Vegeta made a Super Saiyan god?

To answer the question directly, Vegeta became Super Saiyan god when he was in training under Whis on Beerus’s planet for 6 months before Goku joined the training.

Vegeta is left feeling defeated after seeing Goku grow stronger and defeat Beerus. He wants to make a difference and find a way for him to win. Vegeta asks Whis to become his pupil after he discovers that Whis is not only Beerus’s attendant, but also his teacher. Whis initially declined the offer, but Vegeta persuaded him to accept it. Vegeta offered instant Ramen to Whis and promised more food in the future.

After some time, Goku also managed to convince Whis that he should train him. The two of them headed to Beerus’s world. Episode 18 of Dragon Ball Super features Goku focusing on Vegeta’s six-month growth and stating that the powerful Prince might be stronger than him. He also said that Vegeta’s energy is completely different than when they were together on Earth. This is possible only if Vegeta can find a way to get God ki (which is different than regular ki) and attain the Super Saiyan God from (hence almost being as strong as Goku).

How to become Super Saiyan God

Three ways can you bring forth the Divine Saiyan shape:

  • Five righteous Saiyans should be assembled and instructed to infuse their energy in the target Saiyan, as described in the Namekian Book of Legends. Shenron narrates the story.
  • A Deity can request a Saiyan’s Body by using the Dragon Balls. This will allow them to transform into Super Saiyan Rose (as shown by Goku Black).
  • Saiyan Mortals can attain God ki through training with an Angel or another being who has God Ki, which allows them to become Super Saiyan God.

The main series already outlines the first two methods to attain the divine form. Officially, the third is not known. However, there is a hint that suggests it.

Chapter 27 Dragon Ball Super Manga shows that Beerus seemed to have the upper hand when he sparred with Perfected Super Saiyan blue Vegeta; however, he was quickly defeated and pinned to his knees. Beerus then says something remarkable.

This can be interpreted to mean that a God Of Destruction is not created, but is made by qualification. This means that Mortals can be a G.O.D. While a Mortal may not have God ki, Destroyers such as Beerus do. His teacher Whis would likely have instructed him how to acquire more God ki, become stronger, and make him a suitable candidate for the Destroyer God position before he claimed the G.O.D. position. We can therefore conclude that a Mortal Saiyan can become a Super Saiyan God through acquiring God ki, which is then acquired by training under an Angel. Vegeta is an example of such Saiyan, who was trained under Whis. It is possible Vegeta has tapped into the God form while being trained.

Another example is that a Mortal such as Toppo was able generate God Ki because Belmod is his successor as the Universe 11 G.O.D. Belmod had shown him how to obtain God ki and manipulate the ki for attacks. Belmod, who was also a Mortal, was once a Pride Trooper. He claimed the title Destroyer God from his predecessor.

Episode 27 of Dragon Ball Super featured Goku stating that Vegeta, unlike him, had obtained the power of Super Saiyan Gods without any help from other Saiyans. It was done by the Saiyan Prince himself.

This supports the theory that a Saiyan does not necessarily have to perform the ritual to attain the God form. You can also achieve it with enough training.

It is possible that the Super Saiyan God Ritual might just be a way to temporarily obtain God ki. The energy that the four Saiyans instilled into Goku by Videl and the other Videl was artificially condensed within his body. This energy is also temporary and runs out after a while. He has however, learned to tap into God’s ki through training and this became his permanent asset.

How did Vegeta tap into God Ki to become Super Saiyan God and tap into God Ki?

Vegeta was capable of tapping into God ki after Whis showed him how.

He mentioned that Vegeta and Goku need to learn how to use their bodies without thinking too much. The fighting speed is affected by overthinking. It takes time for all the senses and brain commands of the body to reach every area. This is how you can obtain God ki. When the mind is calmed and thoughts are removed, the life energy, or ki, becomes smoother and more refined. It’s almost like a divine gift. This technique is called Ultra Intelligible.

You can increase your ki by doing mental and physical training. How calm one is during training or combat will determine how much ki one can convert into God ki. This technique of “controlling and relaxing the mind” is different from image training or the technique to focus on one’s own ki to increase it. In another article, we will discuss God ki and the differences it has from regular ki.

It increases and confines the God ki in one’s body, preventing it leaking out, and it allows the person to harness its power. Whis tells Vegeta and Goku to keep their energy in check. Vegeta and Goku began to let go of their thoughts and focused on their energies.

They began to clash, and a wave of blue energy erupted from their impact. Although this was the first glimpse at Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta could not have accomplished this feat without first acquiring the Super Saiyan God Form. Whis would have given Vegeta similar instructions before Goku arrived on Beerus’s world. He would have been able to practice this in addition to his intense training and would have gained God ki, which would have helped him achieve Super Saiyan God.

This is confirmed by the fact that Vegeta was able to sense the Angel approaching planet Earth when Whis returned from Goku To Beerus’s world.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 18 – By looking at Vegeta’s reaction of Whis approaching the planet, the Oracle Fish commends on his new found ability

Before this, he could not sense Whis’s presence on Earth. He was enjoying Bulma’s various delicacies.

Episode 22 sees Whis transport Goku and Vegeta into another dimension that resembles the HyperbolicTime Chamber. They were soon able surpass Super Saiyan god and reach the next level by applying Whis’s lessons and training.

What do you think about Vegeta’s ability without the ritual to attain the God form? He is a prodigy, so will he be able to Surpass Goku one day? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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