ROTTERDAM — Maneskin, an Italian band, celebrated their Eurovision win 2021 with the Rock’n’Roll Playbook.

It was close and deeply personal. In an exciting vote, the band’s song “Zitti e Buoni”, or “Shut up and Be Quiet”, won first place. The public ultimately decided. Maneskin was unable to beat Barbara Pravi, a Frenchwoman and her song “Voila”. An Italian reporter wept as tears ran down his eyes after the win.

He said that the victory was a new beginning for Italy, and he understood what many people were feeling. Simone Zani, a reporter covering the devastation caused by the coronavirus, said that it was a difficult year. He cried and said: “We are from Northern Italy, Bergamo”, an Italian town with record-breaking numbers of Covid-19 death. “To be number one now is a new start for us, it’s a new beginning.

Eurovision is the most important music competition in the world. While it may seem minor to some, it celebrates Europe’s cultural diversity, and reflects our time. Eurovision’s appeal can be confusing for many people outside Europe. The event has no cultural form, which is why over 200 million people are watching it. All things are possible, and diversity is welcome. Although the US is dominating global entertainment, 39 countries are allowed to present their views on music and pop culture at Eurovision. There are no industry rules other than a limit of three minutes per song.

The three-hour-long show, which is free of ads, was a surprise to the American audience.

Germany sent in the continent’s political leader. Jendrik performed a song against hate in which he played a diamond-studded Ukulele, while being accompanied by a dancing hand. Tix, who is the Norwegian singer, has Tourette syndrome. While being chained to four horned demonics, he wore a large fur coat and angel wings. He said to all “sufferers” that he was not alone.

Hurricane, the entry point for Serbia, had three singers who may have had the long hair of American bands decades ago. However, although they looked like they purchased most of the hair extensions on continent, the trio sang “Loco Loco” on Serbian.

Four of the five top winners were actually sung in languages other that English. Cornald Maas is a Dutch commentator who has been covering Dutch public television for more than 15 years. He said that there was a need for more originality, and real meaning, when it comes to the wins in songs in their native language.

Europe was searching for a song to celebrate this newfound life. Maas stated that the winning song was not a traditional ballad like one might expect from Corona. It is a plea for authenticity and a call to forget about all the useless chatter.

Saturday’s performance at Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena showed us a glimpse into life before the pandemic, and a glimpse into the future.

Orange, the Dutch national color, was worn by many in the audience. They danced, sang, hugged, and even drank. It was obvious that celebrities were buying alcohol. A negative coronavirus test was required for all 3,500 participants. This test was part of a comprehensive testing plan that was paid for by government. The members of each delegation sat down on couches in a designated area in the middle. They had to be socially distant but could still dance around.

Nikkie Tutorials, a popular YouTube makeup channel with a Dutch name, was the shining star among presenters. They were greeted by a raucous crowd every time they appeared on stage, or even passed the corridors.

Normal times, the Eurovision circus attracts thousands of fans who take over bars and clubs and turn the cities where it is held upside down. To stop the spread of coronavirus, the event was split into multiple physical bubbles.

The two-week rehearsals were held in a room in which several countries had hosted a table tennis tournament in which Italy performed well. Samya Hafsaoui, a Dutch official, stated that the artists met only in this common room.

After contracting the virus, Dadi og Gagnamagnid and another member of Icelandic law were taken to hospital. Their song “10 Years”, about a happy marriage, could not be performed live due to their quarantine. As the results were revealed, Dadi Freyr, singer of the group, and others sat in a hotel room. The dolls were worn by the band’s missing actors, and they could be viewed on iPads that showed their faces. Iceland came in fourth place despite the recording performance.

Duncan Laurence, the winner for the Netherlands in 2019, contracted the virus and was not able to compete as usual in the finals. In 2020, the event was cancelled.

Artists were only allowed to speak at brief, distant press conferences. The French singer-songwriter Ms. Pravi had lively conversations leading up to the final, waving arms and mixing English and French. Ms. Pravi stated that she made no concessions and that the same was true for her song “Voila”. She stated that “My” course “shows it” and was referring specifically to the French term “career path”.

Ms. Pravi is from an international family of singers, painters and musicians. Hossein Zenderoudi, an Iranian painter, is her maternal grandfather. The French chanson is revived in her song, which recalls singers such as Edith Piaf or Serge Gainsbourg.

Some criticised her singing style and claimed she was not fashionable. Ms. Pravi however disagreed. She said, “You don’t have to make compromises in music.” You can be who you are, sing the songs you love, speak the words you choose, and be the woman that you want. Now, I’m at Eurovision. It is the largest competition in the world. ”

Ms. Pravi was seen in the darkly lit press centre, speaking to French reporters. She couldn’t believe that their country had been so close to winning after having received almost no Eurovision honors in 1977.

The UK contestant James Newman wasn’t there when the Maneskin Italian rockers took off their shirts in celebration of their win. Both national juries as well as international audiences gave him zero points for his song “Embers”. Meg Perry-Duxbury (a Rotterdam-based Brit) said, “It’s Brexit.” She sat beside me in the arena. “Europe doesn’t want us win.” You support Cyprus regardless (another song by devils), stated Ms. PerryDuxbury. “What ever.”

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