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5 Excellent Apps for Writing on MacBook Air

by Walter Jules

Typing on a computer can be a bit tricky if you are not familiar with the built-in tools. For instance, if you purchase a MacBook Air after using an MS Windows laptop for years, you might find that your words per minute are not as high as you would like them to be.

One of the reasons is the new keyboard. While the layout should feel familiar since MacBooks also have the QWERTY keyboards, some keys are in different locations, missing, or have an alternative because MacBooks are different from MS Windows laptops.

Another potential reason why you are struggling with writing on MacBook Air is that you cannot find the right application. There are quite a few available options, each bringing certain features that can make a difference. We will cover some of the best writing apps for macOS in this article.


As far as writing apps go, Scrivener is one of the go-to options for both amateur and professional writers. The tool is available on multiple operating systems, not just macOS, so do not treat it as an Apple exclusive.

One of the biggest strengths of Scrivener is that you can modify your work and sort it into smaller pieces. It is easier to keep track of different parts of your writing.

For instance, if you are writing a book, you can create separate sections for different chapters and go back to individual chapters later.

Finally, there is a feature called Corkboard for idea organization. You do not need a separate app. Instead, you can keep both writing and ideas on the same application.


If you are after an application that allows freedom in customization, then Ulysses seems like an excellent option.

Layout, colors, fonts, sizes, and other expected tools are customizable in the application. If you wish, you can also enable the distraction-free writer to help you focus on the work.

In case you are not using Grammarly or another proofreader, Ulysses has that built-in as well, which means that you can proofread your text directly in the app.

Last but not least, if your goal is to publish your writing, Ulysses will convert the document into a preferable format, so you have an easier time exporting your writing in a file.


Bear is one of the most recent writing applications that became available on macOS. Overall, it does not offer anything outstanding, but the tool is pretty great and does what you would expect from a writing app.

Besides the common features, users can add images and code blocks if they have to. Creating checklists is also one of the strongest suits of the Bear app.


Minimalists choose ByWord because the app is not filled with unnecessary features that sometimes complicate the writing process.

With ByWord, you simply open a blank document and type your text. If you wish, you can sync the app with your iPhone or iPad via iCloud to have access to your documents on other devices, not just your MacBook.


Drafts is a free typing app on macOS. It is relatively simple and is the preferred option among those who like to write the text first and edit it later.

One can also utilize Drafts feature to dictate the text rather than type it manually. If you want to take a break from typing yourself or have your hands busy with something else but still need to get the work done, speak into the MacBook’s microphone after enabling the dictation feature and have the text appear in Drafts document.

Some Extra Tips When Writing on a MacBook Air

#1 – Take Your Time

There is no need to rush to become your old self. Sure, you might want to get to typing efficiently, but if you need the time to adjust your fingers to a new computer, do not expect smooth sailing right off the bat.

#2 – Keep an Eye on Your Documents

If you write a lot, you are bound to accumulate a lot of documents over time. It is necessary to keep an eye on them so you can find what you need. Sort documents and use folders to track your work. Also, do not underestimate how file accumulation affects the device’s storage.

You also have to understand that and take the necessary action when there are issues with the computer’s drive. Not knowing how to do it can lead to performance issues on the MacBook, and it is certainly something you want to avoid, especially when you rely on the device for your work or studies.

#3 – Consider Third-Party Peripherals

Even though Macs have integrated keyboards and trackpads, you might still feel tempted to get third-party accessories. A computer keyboard and even a mouse could help you with the struggles of typing on a MacBook Air.

For one, using the trackpad is not comfortable for everyone as they prefer a computer mouse. As for the keyboard, the idea is to get a mechanical or membrane keyboard that is not too flat and easier to use.

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