The death of Tiktok’s star is the latest breaking news. In a terrible car accident, she died. This news shocked both Tiktok and social media users. Gabe Not Babe: His social accounts had millions of likes and followers. He was a popular social media influencer. He entertained his fans with vlogs, dancing and funny videos on YouTube. Insta, twitter, and YouTube. GabenotBabe was an internet star who won over his fans with his success and life journey.

Gabe Not Babe: Who were you?

Gabe, not Babe, was the Titkoker and YouTuber, Instagram personality, social media influencer, and Instagram personality. He was just 19 years old. He was only 19 years old when he was born in the United States in 2002. Although his real name is Gabriel Salazar, he is known by his YouTube channel name “Gabe Not Babe”. This name has a unique meaning. He just started his Youtube journey, and has now reached 9.5K subscribers. He joined YouTube in 2017.

Brownsville, Texas is where he was born. His Tiktok clips and dancing content made him famous in the world of social media. His content was shared by UK and US fans and received huge views.

Gabe not babe death

Gabe Not Babe, aged 19 years, died September 26, 2021. This news is devastating for his family and fans. Tiktok supporters paid tribute to the young boy and offered condolences. In the past few months, his fan base has been growing quickly.

He was killed in a San Antonia car accident. Although he was quickly rushed to the hospital, it was too late. Friends and family confirmed that GabeNotBabe had died. After the sudden death of GabeNotBabe, social media was flooded with shocking reactions and fans.

Tiktok Careers and Followers

Gabenotbabe began his professional career on Tiktok in the early 2020. After our first meeting, he received a lot of love and views on his video “I drop you off”. He later made the lyp sync clips of Shoreline Mafia and Lil Skies’ songs.

His talent was unique and he received love from his fans.

In an accident, he died in San Antonia Texas. It is unknown who was driving the car or why it happened. After the investigation report, all will be revealed.

Gabenotbabe was a youngster about to finish his education next year.

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