You will be able to see past his amazing looks and realize that Gojo Satoru’s powerful cursed technique, a.k.a Limitless, can be quite difficult to grasp.

Gege Akutami (the genius, one-eyed cyclops cat) has used complex mathematical concepts as the basis for Gojo’s power. We will do our best to help you understand it! What exactly is Limitless?

Jujutsu Kaisen: What is limitless and infinity?

Jogo was unable to hit Gojo with a hit whenever he tried. The Infinity is the indestructible space that exists between Gojo Satoru’s opponents and protects him from all their attacks, both cursed and physical.

Before we go into details about Infinity, let’s first discuss the Limitless Cursed technique. This allows Gojo to use Infinity.


Limitless is a cursed technique which is passed down from the Gojo clan. This technique allows Satoru to manipulate space and he continues doing so constantly. Jogo is also told by Satoru that infinity is real. It is only that he has used his cursed technique to bring it into being.

Gojo manipulates space to create (?). There is infinite space between Gojo and his opponent. Satoru’s illusion of infinity, however, is not real. There is no real number here. We get an unknown when we divide by zero. This is why Limitless was given the name.


Infinity is the neutral state that is Limitless. It is not a cursed method in and of itself. Infinity doesn’t stop attacks, contrary to common belief. Jogo was still touching and hitting Jogo, even though Satoru wasn’t stopping him. It seemed more like the cursed spirit was slowing down as he approached Satoru.

Gojou used the example to explain what was going on. No matter how many times you divide a number in mathematics, it never becomes zero. It keeps shrinking. It gets smaller and smaller every day.

Akutami provides a better illustration of ” Achilles” and the tortoise in the manga. The famous paradox of Achilles and the tortoise was created by Zeno, a Greek Philosopher. Here’s the logic, straight from Britannica, for those who aren’t familiar.

Achilles Paradox:

The Achilles paradox in logic is an argument attributed the 5th century-BCE Greek philosopher Zeno and one of four paradoxes he described in Aristotle’s treatise Physics. This paradox is about a race between Achilles, a fast-moving tortoise and Achilles. Although they both start moving simultaneously, if the tortoise has an initial head start and keeps moving ahead, Achilles will be able to run at any speed and never catch up.

Zeno’s argument is based on the assumption that Achilles must first reach where the tortoise began, at which point the tortoise has moved ahead, even though it was only a short distance. By the time Achilles reaches this point, the tortoise has moved ahead of Achilles.

That was a lot of time. Just as Achilles cannot catch up with the tortoise in Achilles, so the distance between Satoru’s opponent and him will never end.

How does Gojo do it?

Because Gojo can split the finite distance between him and his enemy into infinitely small pieces, Let’s return to the convergence example. No matter how many times Gojo divides the distance in between himself and his enemy it will never equal zero. His Limitless ability allows him to divide the space.

The closer you get to Satoru the more slow you become. You can think of it as infinite space that separates them. They will need to travel more distance to reach Satoru, which increases the time it takes to make an impact.

Satoru is able to control the objects that hit him by combining the neutral state Limitless and his Six Eyes technique. He can judge the danger of an object by its composition, mass, and speed.

Cursed Technique Lapse Blue:

Gojo Satoru can use Limitless to manipulate space because of his amazing control over cursed energy (thanks his six eyes technique). As we have already explained, Infinity is the neutral status of the Limitless.

Gojo can create magnetism or attraction effects by using negative cursed energy. This is the Cursed Technology Lapse:Blue. This technique is used by Gojo to make objects attracted to one point.

Gojo’s use of cursed energy will determine the strength of this attraction. This technique, however, requires Gojo to be able to manipulate cursed energies accurately. He calls it a pain.

He can’t also create large fields of attraction near himself because he could end up being caught in the after-effects or not controlling cursed energy properly.

After a near-death experience and learning the essence of Cursed Energy, Gojo can use the Cursed Technology Lapse Maximum Cursed Energy Production: Azure Glow. He was able to produce maximum cursed energy using the Limitless, and caused one point to attract large amounts of space. This is a more destructive version the Cursed technique lapse blue.

Cursed Technique Reversal: Red

Satoru can create a repelling force by using Limitless and the negative reversed cursed energy. Jogo was defeated by him in the battle.

It is, as Satoru calls it, the divergence to infinity. Cursed Technique Lapse Blue’s effects are reversed by powering Limitless using reversed cursed energies instead of negative cursed energies. This causes repelling. He is basically bringing infinity, normally invisible, into the world as an explosive force.

Hollow Purple

Gojo creates an imagined technique by combining the Limitless’ Red and Blue forms. This is the expulsion imaginary mass. The attack with imaginary mass particles would travel much faster than light and make it very difficult to dodge.

Satoru has a slew of tricks up his sleeve to beat opponents who know all about the Limitless Blue and Red variants.

Gege Akutami claims that while other Jujutsu sorcerers may have the ability to use the Limitless, Satoru can only really use the technique in Jujutsu Kaisen. Sensei is the GOAT. Satoru’s Domain Expansion. Infinite Void has been covered in a separate article.

Your thoughts on the Gojou Satorus powers are welcome! You can still ask questions in the comments section if you have any more questions. !

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