Eren Yiager is the protagonist in Attack on Titan. He has both the Attack Titan’s and Founding Titan powers. To understand how Eren obtained his titan powers, we need to examine the events before and after the series began.

Long answer short;

Unbeknownst of his father Grisha Yeager, Eren Yeager was gifted with the powers the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan by him.

Let’s now take a closer look at this.

Grisha’s gift to Eren, the Founding Titan

Grisha Yoeger was taken to Paradis Island in order to become an abnormal titan and work as an Eldian restorationist. Eren Kruger (The Owl), however, saved him and gave him the power of Attack Titan. He then asked him to enter the Walls to steal the Founding Titan.

Grisha eventually settles in Shiganshina with his wife Carla Yeager and their son Eren Yeager . Grisha Yeager visits the chapel where the Reiss family hides during the fall of the wall Maria. The basement of this chapel is where the Founding Titan was passed down from one generation to the next in the Reiss family. Grisha learns that Shiganshina was attacked and pleads for Frieda Reiss, who had the power of Founding Titus to save those within the walls from Marley’s attack.

Frieda refuses Frieda’s help. Eren Kruger makes a promise and he fights Frieda with the Attack Titan. Frieda Reiss loses the fight because she is inexperienced. Grisha then eats Frieda Reiss and all the Reiss relatives (except Rod, who ran away). Grisha gains the Founding Titin powers.

Grisha, who was then searching for his family, returns to Wall Rose sometime after that. He discovers Eren, and his adopted daughter Mikasa. However, he also learns that Carla, his wife was murdered by an abnormal titan.

Grisha, now that he was the Founding Titan he could have fulfilled the mission Eren Kruger gave to him and returned home to Marley. His ultimate goal was to destroy Marley, Eldia and make Eldia the greatest nation. Grisha received the mission and Attack Titan from Eren Kruger 13 years ago. He was not able to live anymore due to the Curse of Ymir, which prohibits Titan shifters from living beyond 13 year after receiving their powers.

Grisha realizes that his time is coming to an abrupt end and decides to give his mission to his son. Then, he takes Eren alone to the woods and injects him a Titan serum. This will transform him into an abnormal Titan. Eren consumes Grisha, and gains the power of the Attack Titan as well as the Founding Titan.

The truth is darker and more sinister than what has been shown in the anime. We’ll show you exactly what happened when Grisha stole the Founding Titanfrom Frieda Reiss.

This article contains spoilers that could be dangerous for Attack on Titan manga, which have not been translated into the series. You can read it at your discretion! !


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How Eren was able to obtain the Founding Titan

The manga reveals the strength of the attack titan. Although the Attack Titan has access to its past and future inheritors’ memories, it cannot do so freely. Eren only has a small amount of Grisha’s memories. We don’t know whether he received any memories from his successor.

Chapter 121 of Attack on Titan manga Zeke and Eren are looking through Grisha Yeager’s memories using the powers of The Founding Titan. (Zeke is a royal from his mother’s blood and Eren is the founding titan, which allows them to share the power). It looks like you can access the memories of your titan’s predecessor using the Founding Titan.

The chapter reveals that Grisha saw Eren‘s vision of Shiganshina under attack by the titans. Grisha is persuaded to visit the Reiss family’s hiding place under the chapel to find the Founding Titan, thanks to another Eren memory.

Frieda Reiss rejects his pleas. Grisha then decides to attack Reiss’ family. However, he fails to do so because his morals as a doctor who saves people prevents him resorting to brutal violence. This surprising turn of events puzzles Zeke because the Reiss family was murdered by Grisha in their past. The past cannot be changed.

This is when Eren who had been watching his father’s memories all these years, coerces Grisha into taking the Founding Titin. Eren demands Grisha recall everything he left behind as an Eldian Restorationist in the past, including Dina his first wife and his sister. He then asks Grisha for revenge. Grisha, a weak man, agrees to Eren’s demands, and proceeds to attack the Reiss family, killing everyone except Rod.

An Grisha is visibly disgruntled, and then warns Zike to stop Eren.

In reality, Eren was the one who forced Grisha to kill Frieda Reiss in order to get the Founding Titan for him. This was possible because of the Attack Titan’s power, which allowed its host to transcend time.

What is your opinion on Eren receiving the Founding Titan? Is his action justified? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on the forums.

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