We know from the beginning that Gojo Satoru the strongest shaman alive. Multiple times, the story emphasizes his strength. You can see it in the way Gojo plays with his enemies and tells Yuji that he will defeat Sukuna.

Perhaps Gojo was too confident in his abilities or that he was just unlucky enough to have an unthinkable accident. The cursed spirits , led by pseudo-Geto, took Gojo into their hands in the Shibuya Incident.

Kenjaku, the brain-possessed Geto, successfully locked Gojo Satoru away in the Prison Realm. The curses were undoubtedly favored without Gojo. How could someone so perceptive like Gojo fall for Kenjaku? What happened at Shibuya? What was Kenjaku’s master plan for Gojo

What is the best way to seal someone in Prison Realm

The Prison Realm is basically a cursed object. It can trap any object within it and is a very powerful barrier. There are however a few conditions that can be used to trap the target within Prison Realm. Before executing his master plan Kenjaku explained to Mahito, the others, how the Prison Realm seals a person.

To activate the Prison Realm, the bearer must chant “Prison Realm Open” (or open) The Prison Realm must be activated by the bearer. Targets must remain within a four-meter area for one minute. Only then will the barrier be able to identify and lock the target.

These conditions were against Gojo, Jogo rightly stated. It would have been almost impossible to keep Gojo down with his speed and sense of perception. It was almost like asking Jogo or the other to stop Gojo from staying at one place for a minute.

Kenjaku was aware of the absurdity in this plan, but he had already planned all details. What was his plan?

What was Kenjaku/fake Geto’s plan to trap Gojo in Gojo?

Gojo’s brain processes information differently to the average human mind. His speed is also an undisputed advantage. These are the reasons Gojo was able to escape Prison Realm’s reach even though the cursed object had its eye on him.

Kenjaku had to devise a plan that would make Gojo mute. Kenjaku was short on time. From his failures against Six Eyes, he learned that he couldn’t kill Gojo. He carefully laid the foundation. Part of it was luck.

Jogo’s protests were rebuffed by Kenjaku who explained that one minute is a very short time in Gojo’s mind. His brain only took an instant to process information that a normal human brain would take one minute. His Six-Eyes ability was responsible for this. ,Kenjaku had to stop Gojo’s movements for a few seconds. This would be considered a minute in his mind.

Kenjaku had the greatest ace in his sleeve, which Gojo was unaware of. The 1000-year-old shaman was currently holding the body of Gojo’s long-dead friend, Geto Suguru. Since he had possessed Geto, he had kept his eyes closed and waited for this moment.

Shibuya was a complex location for Gojo’s sealing. Choso, Jogo and Mahito played key roles in getting Gojo’s attention to Shibuya transfigured people and forcing him to expand his domain by 0.2 seconds. It was an awful situation, with nearly 1000 transfigured people being killed. Gojo did not account for other things.

He was standing in front of the Prison Realm when he saw. Kenjaku activated the device and locked Gojo as its target. Kenjaku then made his move. Gojo was stunned by his brilliant entrance. Gojo Satoru, who is always calm and composed, was shaken beyond belief by Geto’s entrance. He was greeted by , a person he had killed after Okkotsu nearly did.

Gojo’s Six Eyes immediately scanned all options upon seeing Suguru. It was Suguru. This brought back all the memories of his childhood spent with him. However, it was only a fraction of a second before he realized that a minute had passed. Gojo’s abilities proved to be a curse.


Kenjaku (fake Geto), carefully planned a plan for Gojo’s capture. Jogo, Mahito and Choso diverted Gojo’s attention from his circumstances. It was too late for Gojo to realize where he was. Gojo was already a target for Prison Realm.

The greatest feat was holding Gojo for one minute within a 4-meter radius from Prison Realm. Kenjaku used all of his strengths to accomplish this feat. He was in Geto’s body when he appeared before Gojo. Gojo was shocked to see his best friend, who had died.

Gojo’s 1 minute is very different to the average human’s. One minute had already passed while his brain was processing Suguru’s presence. Kenjaku captured Gojo in Prison Realm.

This is how Gojo fell for the Kenjaku’s plans. He understood that Gojo’s defeat could only be achieved by tricking him, and not brute force. Kenjaku’s first step was Gojo’s capture.

There is hope! Will the other shamans succeed in getting Gojo free? We will have to wait and see. Let us know what you think of Kenjaku’s plans! Comment below!

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