Due to Isshiki’s recent actions in the manga, Kawaki has lost his Karma seal. The Karma seal on Kawaki is now gone. Boruto chapter 65 shows that Kawaki somehow has regained his karma.

This raises the question: Whose Karma is Kawaki? Fans began to speculate about how Kawaki obtained the seal once again.

Let’s not forget Kawaki’s history and the Karma Seal to make sure we all get on the same page.

How did Kawaki obtain his first Karma Seal

Kawaki was an average child who lived with his drunkard abusive father. He then sold him as a kid, to a shady man named Jigen.

Jigen, as you all know, is the leader and founder of the Kara organization. Jigen experimented on Kawaki and infested him with his Karma Seal. All the other children were killed, but Code and Kawaki survived. Kawaki was the only one who had the potential to be a vessel, even though Code and Kawaki were also involved.

Kawaki received his Karma Seal this way!

How did Kawaki loose the Karma seal

Isshiki had to use Jigen’s body by Kashin Koji during their fight. Kawaki lost the Karma Seal because Isshiki couldn’t resurrect in one body. This freed him from Isshiki’s curse. But his struggle would not end there.

Let’s now get to the main topic.

How did Kawaki regain his Karma Seal?

Kawaki is seen fighting Boruto with a karma seal in the first panel. Kawaki’s words reveal a sinister motive in this panel. He mentions “sending Naruto away” despite his sinister tone.

This could indicate that he has taken the Karma seal again, but not for his own gain. There are many ways he could regain the Karma Seal. Let’s explore them more!

1. Amado gives Kawaki a new Karma Seal:

Konoha, Kawaki and Amado don’t trust him. They all agree that Amado is a genius. He has been doing strange things again recently.

As you’d expect. One of these strange acts centers around the Karma Seal! Chapter 59 of the manga shows Amado forcing Kawaki to have an awkward conversation.

He isn’t afraid to say that Kawaki will be Isshiki’s vessel for ever, and insists on this until Kawaki accepts it partially. He then abandons the boy’s idea of implanting Code using another Karma seal, thus putting more pressure upon Kawaki.

He doesn’t stop there. He clearly states that Naruto will lose to Code in an all-out battle. Kawaki is now frightened of losing Naruto or Boruto, and the mysterious traitor gets to the point.

Amado states that he is aware that Kawaki wants power that can protect his Lord Hokage. Then, he states that he could give it to him in the form of another Karma seal.

Kawaki is angry at this and claims that Amado should be aware that he hates the seal. Amado however, flips the coin and states that he knows Kawaki will act rationally to protect his beloved. This forces Kawaki into a pinch.

Although Kawaki declined the offer, it is evident that he thinks about it constantly. His expression tells it all.

This conversation was planned by the genius. He knew exactly what Kawaki would say and which points to use. He is using Kawaki’s emotional nature to his advantage.

Boruto chapter63: Kawaki left to fight Code by himself and his karma was resurrected to everyone’s dismay and amazement. It is possible that Amado planted the karma against Kawaki as he was giving him new arms.

This could, however, be dummy-karma as Amado mentioned. It is not a weapon.

This theory is our most plausible. We don’t know the twists that this story will take, so let’s look at other options!

2. Kawaki Stole Karma From Code to Battle Boruto

While passing Karma on to Boruto, Momoshiki mentions that everything he has will be lost. This is reinforced in manga through various scenarios. Kurama’s death or Naruto being sealed by Jigen.

Hinata, Himawari, and other Byakugan-destroying pills are now in danger.

These threats are not the only ones. The hints that Sasuke died also hint at the dark future for Boruto. These unfortunate events could make Boruto the villain in his own story.

Kawaki may be forced to assume the responsibility of Boruto’s stoppage. This was also the case in chapter 65, when Momoshiki overtook Boruto.

Code held Kawaki captive, but the latter sucked his Karma back to Kawaki. This is why Kawaki wears a Karma in both the first scene and the last 2 panels in chapter 65.

Kawaki’s growing love for Naruto may indicate that he could be the Hero in this story.

Boruto’s dark path could also be due to Momoshiki within it. It is highly unlikely that Momoshiki will change as Kurama with Naruto.

He is pure evil and wants to destroy Earth, becoming a powerful God.

We are speculating from here as to whether these could be reasons for Kawaki’s karma to show in the latest chapter.

3. Code Implants Karma on Kawaki for Isshiki to Resurrect:

Kawaki, in chapter 56, explains that Karma can be transferred to another person by its owner. As we all know code possesses White Karma. He recently used it to liberate Eida from Boro’s hideout.

Code may have unknowingly transferred some of his karma to Kawaki during the current showdown.

This could be one way Kawaki can regain his Karma seal.

Unfortunately for Code, the karma seal won’t resurrect Isshiki because Code’s karma remains incomplete. Therefore, Kawaki is granted all Isshiki powers without risk.

4. Eida enchants Code to transfer the Karma from Kawaki

This is a newly introduced villain with incredible power. Without even trying, she can make anyone fall in love with her. Otsuki, however, and her blood relatives are not affected by her abilities.

Code fell in love with her the instant he saw her. She also has Clairvoyance which allows her to see every event in real-time, worldwide.

This is how she learned about Kawaki’s 80% Otsuki. This makes him the perfect candidate to be her true love.

She might make Code implant Karma on Kawaki to make him stronger, since Code is already under her control. She doesn’t like Code, and she won’t work for him.

Eida is able to benefit from a partner who is more powerful than Code. This could be the reason Kawaki gains his Karma.

5. Momoshiki Imprinting Kawaki with New Karma

The current story shows that Momoshiki is not the only one who can plant new Karma seals.

Momoshiki, since Isshiki has now died, would need to make a sacrifice in order to receive a chakra fruit from a god tree.

We know that Otsuki has the ability to apply multiple karma spells. Therefore, Momoshiki might attempt to infuse a Karma seal on Kawaki before he is sacrificed for the chakra fruit. This is why Isshiki did not kill Boruto.

This could be interpreted as a foreshadowing move, since it won’t the first time that an Otsutsuki will have two vessels. You may recall that Isshiki had placed his Karma in Jigen and Kawaki. Is Momoshiki thinking of doing the exact same thing?

Kawaki could have a karma seal placed on it so that, even if Boruto is killed, Momoshiki still has a way to resurrect. Kawaki would not be killed by Naruto, evidently.

There are two options for Momoshiki when he wants to place a Karma seal onto Kawaki.

First, we will directly inseminate the seal on Kawaki. The boy is within his reach. They live together. Second, Borushiki is the first to deal with Naruto or Sasuke.

He tried before but couldn’t accomplish his goals. He did manage to get rid Sasuke’s Rinnegan.

As mentioned in the manga Code is more powerful than Isshiki who insulted Naruto, Sasuke and their fight. In their fight against Code Boruto succumbed to Momoshiki.

He could use the fight to prepare for his return in the same manner he used after Isshiki’s passing.

This could lead Momoshiki, who may then implant a new karma sealing on Kawaki. It will not only provide a backup, but it will also hurt Boruto.

Borushiki will be back as the Momoshiki Otsuki.

Therefore, Momoshiki may be one reason Kawaki gained his Karma seal.


These are just a few of the reasons Kawaki might be able to regain his Karma. These are also signs that Kawaki does not act against the village.

He is trying to save it. He could be a victim to someone else’s schemes. It is evident that Kawaki is a decent man with a motive for protecting the village.

Are you convinced that Kawaki is also the protagonist? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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