Madara Uchiha was first Indra reincarnation that awakened the Rinnegan. He is also one the most powerful characters in history, and the mastermind behind the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Madara’s character design is based on the Rinnegan. He also has great power. It is more than just a part of Madara’s character design and his power. It is also an integral part of the story! But did you know that Madara Uchiha awakened his Rinnegan? Let’s just get to it, without further delay!

The Sage of Six Paths’ Chakra is required to awaken the Rinnegan. The Sage of Six Paths’ Chakra can be obtained in two ways. You can either get it directly from yourself or you can obtain Indra’s Chakra.

The first method grants the Rinnegan almost immediately, but it’s not the case with this second method. It’s not possible to guarantee that one will awaken the Rinnegan, even if their body is still able to move well enough for fighting. Click here to find out more!

How did Madara Uchiha awaken the Rinnegan?

Madara Uchiha raised the Rinnegan through the combination of his and Hashirama’s chakra. They were both reincarnations Of Indra and Asura, and are the sons Hagoromo’s Otsuki, the original holder of the Dojutsu. The Sage of Six Paths’ Chakra was created by kneading both chakras together. This resulted in the awakening of the Rinnegan.

Madara already had Sharingan, and needed only Hashirama’s Senju Chakra to awaken her Rinnegan.

Madara Uchiha was stabbed by Hashirama for the last time. Madara took a piece of Hashirama’s flesh off and applied it to himself. Madara rose from his grave, even though he was supposed be dead. To achieve this, he used the “Izanagi”, a forbidden Jutsu. The Izanagi lets you live another crucial moment at the expense of one eye.

This helped Madara to overcome his battle against Hashirama. He continued working towards his goal. He managed to escape Konoha’s gaze and merge Hashirama’s skin into himself, thereby obtaining the Senju Chakra he required.

Madara Uchiha woke the Rinnegan in just one night?

No, absolutely. Madara must combine the chakras of Hashirama and Madara to awaken Rinnegan, unlike Sasuke, who received it directly from Hagoromo. Madara took many years to awaken the Rinnegan, while Sasuke did it in a matter of minutes.

Madara received the Rinnegan just as he was about to die. This was a different story from the Edo Madara.

Edo Tensei Madara Rinnegan:

Madara Uchiha was revived by using the prohibited Edo Tensei Jutsu in the Fourth Great Ninja War. After rising from the dead, he received his pair of Rinnegan. He also gave his Rinnegan to Nagato just before he died. The fans were confused about the Rinnegan’s fate.

Let’s first understand what Madara did to Rinnegan in his Edo Tensei phase.

The Edo Tensei permits the revived to use all their abilities before they die, including Dojutsu. Madara was able to use the Rinnegan, even though his real Rinnegan was elsewhere. Kabuto and Orochimaru hypothesized that Madara Uchiha would awaken the Rinnegan by combining Hashirama Senju DNA and Madara Uchiha. This is actually true.

It worked, even though they didn’t know why. This hypothesis led to Kabuto injecting more Hashirama cells into Madara’s system when he was “fixing it”.

Madara Uchiha was able to use the Rinnegan regardless what Kabuto did. It was not Kabuto’s will to do it, but the Jutsu’s capability.

Madara’s Rinnegan Design:

Madara’s Rinnegan is the same ripple pattern that the Sage of Six Paths Rinnegan. After he became the Ten Tails’ Jinchuriki, however, his Rinnegan changed into a RinneSharingan. Madara Uchiha is able to switch between his Sharingan and the Edo-Tensei Rinnegan.

The Powers of Madara’s Rinnegan

Madara Uchiha, like all Rinnegans, was granted a number of powerful abilities. These powers include:

1) Chakra Flow:

The Rinnegan is able to see the chakra flow of a person in detail, and can also see through invisible barriers. Madara used this ability in order to predict Might Guy’s attacks and to understand his condition.

2) Mastery over all natural and judicious changes:

The Rinnegan gives its owner the ability to master all five basic transformations of nature. They can also learn any jutsu easily! Only a few Shinobis have ever been able to master the five basic nature transformations with the Rinnegan. Hirzuen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage is a prime example!

3) The ability to read the Sage of Six Paths Tablet

The Sage of Six Paths’ Stone Tablet, arguably the most ancient relic in shinobi shinobi history, also proves the existence Hagoromo Oksutsuki. The Rinnegan’s powers are discouraged by the tablet. It can only be read by Rinnegan users. Hagoromo created the tablet with Rinnegan.

The Six Paths Technique

The Six Paths Technique is available to the Rinnegan user. The technique, despite its name, gives seven different Jutsus/Paths. These are the Deva Path and Asura Path, the Human Path, Animal Paths, Preta Paths, Naraka Paths, Naraka Paths, and the Outer Path. Except for the Chibaku Tensei, Sasuke doesn’t have any of these abilities.

It also gives him a unique ability:

5) Limbo:

Limbo is the space between hell/heaven and the real world. Limbo is basically a place where people who aren’t physically present in the real world, but do not belong to any other realms, can find refuge. They coexist in a void. Madara’s Rinnegan lets him summon Madaras stuck in this spot. These Madaras, also known as Limbos, are known as Madaras. Although it isn’t clear how these Madaras got there, you can assume they came from another dimension. They are as strong as Madara Uchiha!

These limbos are not part of the normal world so they can’t be felt or seen. They are invisible to the normal world. Sasuke can see the limbos thanks to his Rinnegan. Naruto is able to sense them in the Sage of Six Paths Mode.

They still provide Madara Uchiha a lot of usefulness. His strength increases exponentially because he can summon four of these limbs at once. Because Senjutsu attacks are not effective on them, he can effectively use the limbos to both offense and defense.

These Limbos do have limits. Madara must take them back if they have suffered too much damage or are unable to use the Limbo for a while.


The Sage of Six Paths’ chakra is required to awaken the Rinnegan. Madara combined the chakras of Indra’s reincarnations with Asura’s to achieve this. Because Indra and Asura were Hagoromo’s sons, he believed that combining their chakra would eventually create Hagoromo’s chakra. He was correct!

Madara did awaken Rinnegan! The ability to see the Chakra flow and summon the Gedo Statue and The Six Paths Jutsu gave him many powers.

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