Kamado is the only family to know and teach the Hinokami Kagura, (Dance of the Fire God), in the Demon Slayer universe. Along with the hanafuda earrings, it is passed from father to son. Tanjiro was the father who taught Tanjirou the Dance of Sun/Fire God. Tanjiro was a child and didn’t know all the steps. These memories faded away as he grew older.

How did Tanjiro’s family learn about the Dance of the Fire even though his ancestors didn’t include any Demon Slayers,

This article contains spoilers for the Demon Slayer manga. You can relax and continue reading at your own risk!

The Sun Breathing and the Dance of the Fire God!

Yoriichi Tsugikuni was the first human to use the Breathing Technique. His natural talent to use the “Transparent World” technique was a gift. Tsugikuni was able to see the entire world through X-ray vision by using this technique. This allowed him to see the blood flow, joints movements and muscles of all living things. This “defect/talent”, enabled him to see through Muzan’s secrets when they clashed. Yoriichi was the one who beat Muzan almost to death.

Tsugikuni’s breathing technique was the first ever to be used. It was also called the Sun Breathing or the Dance of the Fire God.

Yoriichi began teaching breathing techniques to all during his time in the Demon Slayer Corps. He would change them often according to the person he was teaching. This allowed breathing techniques to develop beyond the Sun Breathing. This led to the development of breathing techniques such as. Water, Moon and Thunder, Fire, Wind, and Stone are all possible. As time passed, these techniques were further divided and formed the rest of the techniques, such as Flower and Love, Sound and Insect, Beast and Serpent.

How did Tanjiro’s family discover the Sun breathing technique, then?

Yoriichi was reunited with the gentle Kamado Sumiyoshi and Suyako during his final days in demon corps. The Kamado married were impressed by his efforts to save the world. They were the only ones who gave Yoriichi hope for the future. His elder brother, Muzan’s demon-bosse, turned against him. His elder brother, the Upper Moon 1, is also able to use the Moon Style breathing technique.

Suyako requested Yoriichi to perform the Sun Dance, or Dance of the Fire God, before he left. Although reluctant at first, Yoriichi eventually agreed to her request. Yoriichi performed the Sun Dance to the final level, i.e. the 13th Level. Sumiyoshi was so impressed by his dance that he memorized it immediately and continued to practice it. Yoriichi gave Sumiyoshi his Hanafuda earrings before he left. He asked for his protection and kept it as a memento. Sumiyoshi, as a way to thank Yoriichi and keep Yoriichi’s memory alive and continue to pass down the Hanafuda earrings to his son and future generations.

As time passed, however, only 12 dance techniques were left and the thirteenth was lost. This is how Tanjiro’s relatives learned about the Dance of the Fire God. Due to the untimely death of his father, Tanjiro could not master it. However, Tanjirou later accesses Sumiyoshi’s memories to the exact moment Yoriichi used the 13 techniques.

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