One For All is an extremely powerful and mysterious quirk. Deku has unleashed a new quirk, Black Whip, in recent chapters. How does Deku obtain black whip?

Izuku trained relentlessly after he gained the power. Even with all the effort he put into it, it wasn’t enough for him to even control one-fifth the power. This is how difficult it can be to control OFA.

What happens when a new power emerges from nowhere? What happens if the dark energy tendrils unleash their vast power? This article will cover everything you need about Black Whip, Deku’s new power.

This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia manga. You can proceed at your own discretion.

Deku has the Black Whip

As we all know, OFA is a passed down quirk. In Chapter 193, Deku saw all quirk users in his dream. All of this points to one thing: OFA has a connection with past users and their original quirks.

One For All also stocks quirks from its past users. It was more than a quirk that relied upon stockpiling power. It also included quirks from its past users. Daigoro Banjo, a pro-hero of his time, was the fifth user OFA. His original quirk, the black whip, was passed down to One For All. Deku was able to tap into this quirk in a difficult time.

Banjo describes Black Whip as a top-grade quirk (in Chapter 213). This quirk allows the user to create black tendrils and command them at will. Its power and efficiency directly correlate to anger, one of the most common human emotions. The quirkier the quirk, the more angry you are.

Deku activated the Black Whip using

Black Whip was born out of Deku’s anger. The power was manifested during the Joint Training Session for Class 1A and 1B. This happened during the Deku vs Monoma fight. Deku’s team was close to losing, and Monoma was trying to intimidate him so that Shinso could win.

Black Whip was born due to the intimidation caused his Monoma and Deku thought of capturing them. He was unable to stop the quirk’s power, which was immense. Shinso used his brainwashing quirk to stop Black Whip.

Paving New Roads

Deku’s OFA includes Black Whip, which can dramatically change his fighting style. His attacks are more varied and he can be more aggressive, as well as more defensive. This new ability can increase Deku’s mobility and allow him to use his anger in fights. All of this rests on Deku’s ability to train and use his newfound power efficiently. He is also able use Black Whip to protect people from danger, which he did.

Natsu is taken hostage by Ending and the villain Ending takes the innocent citizens with him. Deku was able to use his new quirk to save innocent bystanders.

Deku strangled Shigaraki mid-air to stop him from using his destruction quirk against others. This was accomplished by Black Whip and Float together, Nana’s quirk.

A Worried Mentor:

Important to remember that this new quirk directly impacts All Might. He was teaching Deku all the while about OFA in a coherent way, but his newfound power changes everything. He couldn’t be a hero full-time and save people like he was before he exhausted his OFA.

To make up for his guilt and to take responsibility, he made Deku a better hero. This new quirk however, significantly changes everything. How can he help Midoriya become a better hero?

Deku will be more dependent on himself, and we may see him make greater progress on his own. It puts Deku under more pressure and takes away his teachers and peers. This will lead to a significant development in his character, which is evident in the chapters. The change’ that occurred to Deku and AllMight was facilitated by the Paranormal Liberation Arc.

Black Whip Was It Really Necessary?

Last, but not least, there is a final question. Although it is obvious that OFA is superior in raw power, was there any reason for it to be more powerful? The short answer is yes.

Paranormal Liberation Arc’s Shigaraki was a beast in loose chains. Together with the League of Villains, he was able to take on hundreds of heroes. Even Hawks and Endeavor were having problems. Black Whip was needed to balance heroes and villains.

Many cities would have been destroyed if it weren’t for the quirk. It was used by Deku to fight Shigaraki in mid-air. It also opens up a new way for Deku to be a hero and OFA.

What are your thoughts on Black Whip? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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