Let’s begin by understanding What is Kanenki’s Kagune?

Ken Kaneki was made a half-ghoul by Rize Kamishiro, whose Kakuhou was transferred to him after her death in the steel beam accident. He was able to use his rinkaku kagune, which also gave him more healing power and strength.

As a rinkaku user Kaneki had his kagune take the form of tentacles that protruded from him back (similar to Rize). Initially, he could only produce three tentacles during his fight against Nishio. Kaneki managed to make four tentacles during his fight against Jason/Yamori. He was able to produce eight tentacles, which were extremely strong, by the time he faced Kishou Arima in Tokyo Ghoul.re.

His tentacles displaying can be attributed to mental torture that he endured in those situations (remember the torture during Yamori’s battle and the raid on Kanou’s lab).

There are occasions when Kaneki’s kagune took on different forms. Fans are naturally curious about this.

How many Kagune do kaneki own?

TL;DR Kaneki has only the Rinaku type of kagune until he becomes the dragon. His control over his kagune has been so strong that he can imitate Okaku, Bikaku and Koukaku types. His Rc cells are still Rinkaku.

Let’s now discuss this in more detail.

The question of multiple Kagune is raised because Kaneki, particularly since his encounters with Jason, has been resorted to constant cannibalism. Kaneki was believed to have multiple kagune types after he had consumed kakuhous from various ghouls. Kaneki’s kakuja became a centipede-shaped, leading to confusion among fans who believed that this was because he had consumed Jason’s Kakuhou.

But that is not true. Cannibalism is when a ghoul eats a piece of kakuhou from another ghoul . They absorb the RC cells of the cannibalized ghost , increasing their body’s concentration. It doesn’t add any additional kakuhous to the body of the ghoul.

The kagune kind depends on where the kakuhou is located and how the Rc cells of a ghouls’ body form. Theoretically, it is impossible for him to have multiple kagune through cannibalism.

This constant cannibalism led to a mutation in Kaneki’s body that transformed his kagune and made it a kakuja. This Kakuja is also a modified and mutated rinkaku kagune. This modified kagune often covers the ghouls’ bodies and parts (half kakujas), and amplifies their abilities.

Kaneki was unable to control his kakuja’s shape and abilities at first. He would often fall into a state of mindlessness after transforming and going mad (as seen in his fight against Shinohara or Amon). He was able to use it more effectively during Tokyo Ghoul-Re, particularly around the areas where he fought Eto Yoshimura, and his final fight with Kishou Arima.

He gained more control over the Kagune modified and was able to make it look like Okaku, Bikaku, and Koukaku types. Kaneki, for instance, was able modify his kagune in his fight against Eto in Rose arc. He also got his first red hand (like the koukaku type). Kaneki used his kagune to help him in Arima’s final fight. It also serves as a makeshift hand and leg, which helps him to regenerate quickly.

In Tokyo ghoul, it is shown that Kagune’s shape can be altered by one’s imagination (an attribute possessed by ghouls). It can be concluded that Kaneki’s different kagune shapes were due to imagination.

  1. He was in complete control of his modified kagune, or kakuja.
  2. He could make it into different shapes with his imagination.

In the end, however, he had only one type of Kagune: the rinkaku type. There are still some questions about Kaneki’s physical condition after the Dragon arc. We mentioned that Kaneki only has one Kagune until the Dragon arc.

Is Kaneki able to have four Rc types after the Dragon arc?

We can only answer “it’s debateable”. After he is taken from the dragon, we can see a completely different kagune. This can be explained by the higher concentration of Rc cells and better control of his abilities. However, Touka did not know that his body had any unidentified organs.

We can only guess at the functions of these organs, but we don’t know. There is a possibility Kaneki may have had all four Rc Types, as he was complete post-dragon arc. The theory is further supported by the fact that he also displayed a completely different Kagune during his fight against Furuta at the end.

Are you a part of our reasoning? This topic can be discussed in the forums and other anime fans can join in. !

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