He looks like Charmander humanized, and his boisterous voice has already become a fan favorite. Rengoku Kyojurou – The Flame Hashira is one of Demon Slayer’s best examples of determination, grit and perseverance. It is clear that Rengoku, now that Mugen Train has been released , has emerged as an important character which serves as an inspiration and guiding force for Kamado Tanjiro .

We first meet Rengoku. He is a man who is fully committed to his role of a Pillar. This can be seen in his eagerness to rid Kamado Neozuko. Together with Himejima Gyomei Obanai and Shinazugawa Sanemi, he rejects the idea of accepting the Kamado brothers as part of Corps. It immediately leaves a bad impression on the males mentioned.

He doesn’t agree with Urokodaki or Tomioka Giyucondition. He states that cutting open one’s stomachs in repentance to Nezuko will not bring back the souls lost. We readers are naturally frustrated by his inability to change.

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What made him change his mind then?

It was not only Nezuko who proved her stance with humans, but also the dedication Tanjiro that she showed to kill Upper Moon Demons.

Rengoku’s next attention comes at the Mugen Train Arc, and it happens in the most hilarious of ways! This makes Rengoku a character that can use optimism to get through even the most difficult missions. And who doesn’t love a character who has the most bizarre entries into an Arc?

Fun fact: His attention grabbing locks are the result of an ancestor who was fond of eating tempuras .

Rengoku talks jovially with Tanjiro immediately and even teaches him about the origins of the breathing styles. Rengoku is affectionate with Tanjiro and even asks him to be his Tsuguko. It is heartwarming to watch, as big brother Tanjiro finally gets some brotherly love . Rengoku appears to be affectionate even with Inosuke, Zenitsu. Rengoku would love to take care of all his em>tsuguko/em>. This is heartwarming to see, as big brother Tanjiro finally gets some brotherly love em>(please pass the tissues).

We are only able to appreciate him more from now on.

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Kyoujurou’s dream is revealed to us. It’s clear that Kyoujurou struggles with his own life. This is something that can be difficult for someone so confident. Rengoku lost his mother young, and must deal with a father who has lost the will to do his duty and a brother who is burdened by his brother’s talent.

This is Rengoku’s other side . He is a boy who believes in positivity and is loyal towards his brotherly duties .

The most remarkable thing about him is his determination. “The flames in my heart won’t disappear”Rengoku certainly wins everyone’s respect.

Rengoku’s quick thinking and swordsmanship are proven by the arrival of Upper Moon Three Akaza. Even though he knows it would increase his chance of dying, he doesn’t hesitate in getting closer to Akaza. He refuses to help Tanjiro, which is another sign of how protective he feels of his juniors. This is probably due to his brotherly instinct.

Rengoku manages to establish himself as one of the fiercest Pillars, even when his body was fatally wounded.

“Growing older and dying are what gives meaning to the short span of a person’s life.”This Rengoku quote will send chills down your spine. Rengoku shows his strength and resolve, even when given the chance to become a demon. Rengoku is true to his mother’s words.

These words perfectly encapsulates the ideology of the Demon Slayer Corps.

It is heartbreaking to see the desperate expressions of Inosuke and Tanjiro when Rengoku is down on his knees. Both find comfort in the one person who is dying, in a world that is both survival and death. doesn’t lose his composure even in his last conversation with Tanjiro. Rengoku’s story is complete:He gladly accepts Nezuko into the Corps, complimenting her fighting skills.

Rengoku has passed away but his words have a lasting impact on all who knew him.

You don’t have to feel weak or unworthy. Keep your heart beating, grind your teeth, and keep moving forward.

Rengoku Kyojurou

It is painful to see a beloved character leave so quickly. Kyoujurou cheered Tanjiro and Inosuke and Zenitsu and made it clear that he would never regret his decision to save his juniors – until the end. He is a shining example of his dedication to his values.

To smile when death is near requires a different level of courage: and Rengoku embodies it.

Rengoku is a very popular character and everyone has a special place for him. Hashira, nineteen years old, is a great example of how to make a character everyone loves, even though he was not around very long.

P.S. P.S. : Now you can delve deeper into Rengoku’s story with the spinoff, “Rengoku Gaiden.”

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