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How to Get Alerts When a Nintendo Switch Game Goes on Sale

by Walter Jules

It can be frustrating to miss a sale for a Nintendo Switch game you’ve had your eye on for a while. We recommend setting up alerts so that you never miss a Switch game sale again. Here’s how.

The Rise of Nintendo Switch Digital Sales

A couple of years ago, seeing a good digital game on sale in Nintendo’s eShop was quite rare. However, as Nintendo’s store becomes an increasingly popular way for people to buy titles for their Switch, the number of sales has also grown. There are now dozens of Nintendo Switch games on sale on the eShop every week, from indie games to blockbuster titles.

There are still quite a few missing features on the eShop, and one of them is an alert system. Even though Nintendo has a wishlist function, there’s no way to set up a notification for when these games go on sale. However, a few third-party services and dedicated communities have sprung up to help people get the best possible deals.

The Nintendo Switch Deals Subreddit

The r/NintendoSwitchDeals subreddit is a community for bargain-loving Switch owners, that also happens to be a great way to be alerted to sales. Not only do the users keep track and highlight great deals on the eShop, but they also post discounts that they find at traditional retailers and eCommerce websites. Users also frequently share sales for peripherals, accessories, gift cards, and the console itself.

The best part is that the subreddit has a bot that crawls through sales across all countries and keeps a continuous running list of all the deals at any given time. This list is stickied to the top of the site and is updated in real-time. Any user can add a game to their wishlist using an easy bot command, and they will automatically receive a private message on Reddit when that game goes on sale. If you have a Reddit app on your phone, you will receive a push notification.

On top of the robust tracking and alert system of the sub, they also have discussion threads for current deals where people can discuss if the game is worth a buy. All of these make it one of the best communities to follow for any Switch owner.

Create a Wishlist With DekuDeals

The DekuDeals website is a great way to keep track of sales as well. It pulls data from both the eShop and major retailers such as Amazon, BestBuy, and Gamestop so that you can get alerts for both physical and digital deals. They also monitor deals for accessories and hardware.

You make an account, then starting adding games to your wishlist, and you’ll get an e-mail when the price drops or reaches an all-time low. You can also add games you already own to a personal collection page. DekuDeals lets you browse through all current sales, as well as historical price data for each title.

They also send out a weekly e-mail compiling the best sales and discounts for the week. This allows you to keep up with sales of games that might not have been on your radar before. Make sure that you add their e-mails to your whitelist to get your notifications.

Using the PSPrices Website

There are also a few other third-party sites that track game prices across various platforms. PSPrices has existed since before the Nintendo Switch, but have added eShop prices to their games library. They also track titles on the Playstation, Xbox, and other Nintendo platforms, so they’re a great pick if you’re using multiple consoles at once.

Setting up alerts is as easy as making an account, adding games to a wishlist, and receiving e-mail notifications when they go on sale. You can also see the game’s OpenCritic rating, which is a review score aggregator.

The eShop Price Tracker

If you want to monitor things more manually, the eShop Prices Tracker is a good bet. While it doesn’t have functionalities such as a notification system or historical price data, it does have instant price conversion between regions. It displays all Nintendo Switch games on a large, searchable grid and automatically shows all prices with your desired currency.

You can also compare prices across countries. If you have a Nintendo account in two different regions, you can find out which eShop the game would be cheaper in.

While it’s not a replacement for a robust notification and monitoring tool, it works very well in unison with one of the other methods we mentioned.

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