WARNING! This article contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter. Please proceed at your own risk!

Most people may not remember Zalama. As Dragon Ball Super only mentions Zalama once or twice, it would be difficult to recall him. The character is almost completely unknown because of this. Maybe Toriyama is saving the character for a future arc ….

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super may bring back the character in question, as there appears to be a connection between him & the origin of Namekians.

Before we get into the details, I want to briefly discuss Zalama and any information that has been revealed.

Who is Zalama, and what are his responsibilities?

Zalama, a Dragon God said to have created the Super Dragon Balls according to Lord Zuno. These balls are found in Universe 6, 7 and 8.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 7 – Zuno giving a brief explanation about the Super Dragon Balls and mentioning its creator as well.

The term “Ryujin”, in the Manga, refers to Zalama which literally means “Dragon God”, or “God Of the Dragons”. It’s possible that his name is a pun derived from the “salamander”, which mythologically is associated with fire and dragons, particularly in Japan.

He is believed to have been the original inventor of Dragon Balls. Super Dragon Balls were the first to exist, with Super Shenron the first Shenron.

Champa, the Destroyer God in Universe 6, spoke of the Namekian Dragon Balls. The ancient Namekians used fragments of the Super Dragon Balls to create their own Dragon Balls that summon Porunga (Dragon Ball Super Episode 28, Manga chapter 6). Kami, who later created the Earth’s Dragon Balls through injecting life into Shenron’s statue, also helped to create them.

Zalama’s appearance and other characteristics have not been mentioned. We don’t know his type of being. The latest chapter (chapter69) may give us some clues about Zalama’s appearance.

Zalama could be a Namekian

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 – Moori says the Namekians are from a different realm

This chapter sheds a lot of information about Namekians and their history. We have assumed that Namekians had been thriving on Planet Namek from the beginning. This has all changed. Namekians arrived in Universe 7 from another realm. It could be an area outside of any one of the 12 universes.

There is a connection between Namekians (and Dragon Balls) throughout the series. Namekians will live on any planet where Dragon Balls are present.

Chapter 69 – Wherever there are Namekians, Dragon Balls are likely to exist

Kami invented Earth’s Dragon Balls, and Dende modified them slightly. Monaito invented the Dragon Balls on planet Cereal.

This logic suggests that Zalama, God of Dragons, could be an ancestor to all Namekians.

The Angel’s realm does not exist within the 12 universes, so Zalama’s domain wouldn’t be destroyed by Zeno if he decides to destroy all or any of the Universes.

He could have created other members of his species from this realm. Namekians reproduce sexually, as we know. Grand Elder Guru laid 109 eggs, which gave rise to 109 Namekians including Nail and Dende. This is also possible for Zalama. He may not be mortal because he is the God of Dragons.

There’s a chance Zalama will be mentioned in the Granolah arc, which explores the origin of Namekians. Fans would be thrilled to learn more about Zalama, the’realm’ of Namekians, if that is the case.

Piccolo could be a descendant of Zalama

It is possible that Piccolo’s role in the story may be greater as it delve into more Namekian legends

The Namekians are divided into two broad categories by the authors: The Dragon Clan (or the Warrior Clan). The Warrior Clan provides protection for the species, while the Dragon Clan produces the Dragon Balls. Monaito, Moori claim that the balls were created as part of a ritual in order to help the Warrior Clan. This categorization might have been created by Zalama.

Kami and King Piccolo had been a single Namekian before they split. Piccolo Jr., or simply Piccolo, was King Piccolo’s son and merged with Kami to create a new Namekian, who chose to keep Piccolo as his name.

Piccolo can’t create Dragon Balls due to his Warrior Clan mentality or abilities. He lost the ability of creating Dragon Balls. Kami merged with him, and Earth’s Dragon Balls turned into stones.

Katas could have been the father of the first Nameless Namekian (who belonged the Dragon Clan) or a descendant from those Namekians Zalama created.

Kami may have thought that this is why Shenron was created by Kami. It looks very similar to Super Shenron the original dragon.

They look very similar in their faces, mouths and snake-like body structures (apart from Super Shenron’s wings). Perhaps Shenron is one of the Shenron-like dragons, among all the wish-granting dragons.

Is Zalama a Namekian? What is the new realm Moori refers to? What will Zalama’s presence affect the story? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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