Choso was a character with enormous narrative potential that no one in Jujutsu Kaisen thought would happen. Choso was only seen as a small-fry who wanted to avenge the deaths of his brothers.

Choso was quickly a favorite onii_chan and his scenes with Yuji were a delight.

From a popular fan theory, the running gag about Yuji’s relationship with Choso was born.

Based on Yuji’s interactions with Choso and Todo, this theory suggests that Yuji has Memory Manipulation.

But, to the dismay of all fans who supported it, Noritoshi kamo’s presence at Geto in chapter 13,

That sensation strengthened his belief that Yuji was indeed his brother. It seemed like only Todo’s memories were being manipulated.

Choso seems to have had his soul and cursed technique changed in order to accommodate Itadori.

Why was Choso connected to Yuji?

Surprise, surprise! Surprise, surprise! Choso felt a connection with Yuji for the right reasons.

Chapter 139: Choso asked Yuji if he remembered that his father had stitches on his forehead, much like Noritoshi Kamo.

This however, seemed like a delusion. Choso also nags Yuji to use onii_chan and hasn’t let go of his side. We were shocked by chapter 143.

Choso’s third parent/father is actually Yuji! The latest chapter shows Yuji’s mother, with stitches that look eerily like Geto or Noritoshi Kamo.

Undoubtedly, Yuji was also possessing the Brain.

Because the Brain can use reversed cursed energy, it makes it seem that the stitches are healing.

Itadori Jin was the woman who was possessed by Brain. This woman may have replaced Kaori, the woman who was perhaps the first wife.

We know, however, that the brain (Kenjaku), takes only calculated actions. This possession raises many questions.

We know that Kamo, the Brain loved experimentation but failed to create a true hybrid of cursed and human.

Did it attempt it again with the Itadori family, or was it unsuccessful? Yuji was a success? This could explain why Yuji is so strong. Who was the Brain?

Since Choso (and Yuji) share a parent , they are technically brother . We could even call them step-brothers.

However, it isn’t known if Yuji has a Cursed Woomb Death Painting.

There are nine Death Paintings and they are all accounted for. Yuji is their tenth brother. However, it is possible that Yuji could be a successful experiment.

Choso’s memories may have triggered the bond he feels with his brothers.

What did you think of this reveal? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments!

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