WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 147. You can proceed at your own risk!

Masamichi Yamagi is the principal at Tokyo Jujutsu High, and also the creator of our beloved Panda. Although he is not a prominent character, he still holds considerable authority over the Jujutsu Kaisen plot. Gege Akutami claims that he is the only one who knows Gojo Satoru. Although it would be unfair to call him a father figure he did give out similar vibes.

His death would have a devastating effect on Gojo and the other members of the group. Is Yaga really dead? You already know the answer if you have read Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 147. You may be looking for reasons to believe otherwise. You’re here to copium!

In a nutshell Masamichi Yaga is actually dead in Jujutsu Kaisen. Principal Gakuganji killed him in chapter147.

Manga readers may find it difficult to believe that Yaga could have transferred his soul to one of his cursed bodies. He does copy the soul information to create cursed corpses. It seems unlikely, however, that he would do something similar in such a scenario. But, we won’t completely abandon this option. There’s nothing wrong with a little hope, huh?

Gege Akutami’s continued killing of characters at such a rapid pace would be a problem. I would definitely need therapy before Jujutsu Kaisen’s end.

How did Masamichi Yag die?

After the Shibuya Incident, Yaga was placed on the Jujutsu Higher Ups’ hit list. He was sentenced to death. The death sentence was not for his involvement in Shibuya. It was more about Yaga’s cursed method and how he created completely independent cursed corpses. For this exact reason, he was also captured by higher-ups once before.

Yaga has been hiding in a forest protected by Tengen since the execution order was issued. He also kept his cursed corpses. Panda was baited by the high-ranking officials.

To lure in Yaga, they captured panda. Yaga agreed to go along, even though he knew it was a trap. He says goodbye to his cursed corpses, and heads to rescue Panda. He was in for a surprise when he met a new character who was aligned to the Principal Gakuganji and Higher-ups.

We see Yaga, who is now seriously injured, in front of Gakuganji.

Is Gakuganji more powerful than Yaga?

Everyone is wondering how Yaga could have lost to Gakuganji. It’s possible that the Kyoto Principal was stronger than his Tokyo counterpart. It is difficult to draw a conclusion because the fight was not completed. Also, it is possible that Gakuganji or the new guy teamed-up to fight Yaga.

Yaga was defeated mainly because he was alone. He didn’t have any of his cursed corpses who could fight with him. Gakuganji didn’t have it easy, however. Although the fight was not a quick one, Yaga broke the old geezer’s guitar. That’s a consolation! Then he tells Gakuganji the secret to creating cursed corpses that are completely independent. Will Gakuganji divulge the secret that Yaga sacrificed his life for? Or will he keep it quiet and defy the higher-ups? It’s a hard decision! True curse.

In end, Yaga succumbed to his wounds. Panda reached Panda too late and could not save him. Would Yaga have gone out to meet Panda if he had known Kusakabe had released him? This is a question that will continue to bug me for a while.

What will the impact of Yaga’s passing on the plot?

It is difficult to predict the effect of Yaga’s passing on the plot. Panda would surely be devastated, but will this motivate him to continue his efforts? Yaga is the first casualty directly linked to the Jujutsu Higher Ups. In a way, Gege Akutami could be making them the new big bad and giving Panda and the other reasons to bring them down.

It would be interesting to see Gojo Satoru’s reaction when Yaga was executed by Gakuganji at the order of the higher-ups. He was the only one who understood him. Will Satoru then slaughter the high-ups? Satoru initially opposed the idea of slaughtering them, as it would not bring about anything worthwhile. This is why he decided to become a teacher.

However, Yaga’s demise may make him contradict his original statement. Will this count as character development?

Why do you think Gojo might turn? Because Yaga could have had a part in his decision to become a teacher. Gojo’s conversation with Yaga after Geto goes awry is a great example! How would Gojo’s loss be if Yaga was indeed responsible for instilling the idea of grooming a young generations?

It’s never boring to see characters forced to break with their principles. It would be interesting to see if Satoru does indeed become unhinged. As of now, the most powerful Jujutsu sorcerer has been sealed. He cannot find out about Yaga’s death. I’m sure that Yaga will not be the last person to die by the time he is freed.

It would be fascinating to see how everyone reacts to Yaga’s passing. It is likely that the attention will shift to the higher-ups. We’ll have to see how the plot develops from this point.

Let me know your thoughts about Yaga’s passing and the impact it had on the story. Comment below to let me know your thoughts! !

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