Most viewers watched Jujutsu Kansen Episode 5. with a sense foreboding. It’s not a coincidence.

Itadori could not switch between Ryomen Sukuna and Itadori like before. This could be a bad sign for Itadori.

But something terrible happened.

After Sukuna had defeated the special grade cursed spirits at Juvenile detention facility he called Itadori to come and switch with him.

Itadori couldn’t switch for some reason. Sukuna saw it as an opportunity to seize control of his body, and he ripped Yuji’s heart.

This was an excellent move by Sukuna.

Because he was a cursed spirit, Sukuna didn’t need a heart to live. Even if he needed one in the future, he could use the reversed curse technique to create one (just as he healed Itadori’s arms).

It was certain that Itadori would die if he switched back to this scenario.

Sukuna believed that This would make Itadori reconsider his control over his body.

Itadori, a strong shounen protag and headstrong, couldn’t resist the temptation to switch back. He did so, risking his life to ensure that Sukuna would not reign supreme.

This was supposed to be an Attack on Titan-like twist with major characters dying without notice. No.

Itadori’s death was doubted at the end of the episode. We also see Sukuna looking down at (and talking to) someone.

We can assume for now that it is Itadori. What happened to Itadori? Is he still alive? Is he still alive? If so, how?

Yuji Itadori, to answer the question quickly, is still alive. However, his body is lacking a heart. He is currently in the innate domain of Sukuna.

This section contains spoilers about Jujutsu Kaisen. You can proceed at your own risk!

So, how did Yuji Itadori survive?

Yuji was close to death, and Sukuna gave his soul (alongside his consciousness) into his innate domain.

He survived, even though he was physically dead.

The reason he did it is easy to understand. Yuji is Sukuna’s vessel. If Yuji dies, so does Sukuna.

Sukuna transferred Yuji’s soul to his innate domain. This ensured Yuji would live, even though he is no longer physically present.

The physical body doesn’t really matter. Reversed Cursed Method is a simple way to regenerate and heal organs for curse users like Sukuna.

Itadori is then revived after Sukuna is forced by him to make a pact or contract.

Itadowi however has no recollection of such an incident.

We said Sukuna’s plan brilliant because Itadori is now completely at Sukuna’s mercy.

Itadori is exactly where Sukuna wants it to be, and he can now impose some conditions for the former if he wishes to live.

We are now on to the next section.

Why did Sukuna save Itadori?

Itadori is saved by Sukuna because he wants to make a binding vow with him. Itadori, as we have already mentioned, is Sukuna’s vessel.

He will not be able to find Yuji again if he dies (one in a million chance like Megumi in the first episode).

Yuji uses Sukuna according to his wishes. He can switch with Sukuna whenever and wherever he likes. As we saw at the Juvenile detention centre, he even allows the cursed spirit to do his bidding and assist him.

This is something Sukuna loathes. He has ulterior motives.

Sukuna can ensure that at least some of the time, he is the one who commands how things progress by making a binding vow.

Itadori is not likely to agree to Sukuna’s terms. He would rather die than surrender to Sukuna’s evil spirit.

The latter must come up with a wager or wily condition that would make Itadori believe he still has a chance. The cherry on the cake is being able to survive.

Is it possible for Sukuna to make a binding promise with Itadori What will he need to ask of the former if he does? What price will Itadori have to pay if he does survive?

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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