Dragon Ball fans are crazy about Jiren since he made an appearance at the tournament of power. Fans often discuss Jiren’s power levels on online forums, comparing him with many other characters. Jiren and Beerus are two of the most popular power level comparisons. Let’s find out more about Jiren and Beerus before we decide who is stronger.

Lord Beerus is a strong man

Beerus, the God of Destruction, was a fighter against Goku on Earth. A later revelation revealed that Beerus didn’t use all of his power when he was fighting the SSJ God Goku. The Dragon Ball Super manga shows that before the tournament of power began, there was a battle of gods. All Gods of Destruction were fighting each other. Beerus is shown to be stronger than most Gods of Destruction in this fight with all Gods of Destruction.

Whis also mentioned that Vegeta and Goku’s powers are similar to a tree compared to Beerus. Beerus’s power is comparable to a castle built on his planet. This gives us a glimpse into Beerus’s power.

Beerus is a master of UI, even though not everyone knows it.

Beerus’s ultra instincts are used to easily defeat his opponents in the Battle of Gods tournament.

The question isn’t if Beerus can destroy the most powerful God of Destruction. We have not presented any information that compares his abilities to Jiren’s. So,

What are Jiren’s Power Levels

Jiren is said to be the strongest mortal of all the universes . Jiren is stronger than Belmod (God of Destruction in universe 11).

Whis confirmed that the legend of a mortal who is stronger than the gods was true during the tournament. Whis is referring here to Jiren being more powerful than Belmond.

Jiren, with all of his powers, fought toe to toe with MUI Goku. Moro, who was able to use his magic to win the battle, managed to do a similar feat. He was eventually defeated. Jiren was able to deflect the attacks of MUI Goku, and after breaking his limits, he became even more powerful. Goku, Frieza and Android 17 worked together to defeat him. This feat shows Jiren’s power. He is the strongest mortal. Beerus, however, isn’t a mortal. He’s also not as easygoing as Goku. Will he be able to defeat Beerus? Let’s see.

Is Jiren Stronger Than Beerus?

The answer is no. Beerus wins easily if we look at their fights up to now. Beerus easily defeats Vegeta in the latest chapters of DBS. Vegeta is nearly as powerful as Ultra Instinct Goku after Yardrat Training. Beerus is kind to the Prince of All Saiyans.

He defeated Vegeta, who was fighting Moro, and made him beg for their lives. Moro is now the strongest opponent that the Z Fighters have ever faced.

Beerus is stronger than we realize. Beerus is able to withstand the attacks of his adversaries with ease. His special technique Hakai is what enables him to easily defeat his opponents. We see him fighting against Goku on earth while nullifying Goku’s Kamehameha.

Jiren was pushed to the limits by Goku’s Ultra Instinct Mode. Beerus’ basic ultra instinct is more powerful than many G.O.D.’s. Later, it was revealed that Jiren beat Belmod in an Arm Wrestling match. However, this does not mean Jiren is able to defeat Belmod in battle. Belmod seems to be as strong as Beerus.

Jiren can be easily defeated by Beerus in battle

Beerus may not have MUI because he hasn’t perfected the technique, but fans would argue otherwise. Consider this: Goku, in Ultra instinct form, was able knock out a Limit Broken Jiren. Frieza, who was in his final form, helped to make this possible. The Ultra instinct forms of Gods are more durable, resilient, and stamina-intensive than those of mortals. Beerus > MUIGoku, who defeated Limit Broken Jiren. Beerus can easily beat Jiren.

Another group of people claims that Beerus was afraid Goku’s MUI or Jiren’s Limit Broken form. Beerus isn’t afraid, but he is surprised that a mortal Goku can bear such a divine form.

Akira Toriyama (creator of DBS) said that Goku was a 6 and Beerus is 10 and Whis is 15. If Goku can beat Jiren with an overall level of power 6, imagine what Beerus could do with him with a 10
Let’s conclude.

Jiren vs Beerus: Who is stronger?

This will be an intense and close-fought battle, but Beerus will prevail.

Are you feeling the opposite? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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