Jujutsu Kaisen is full of strange characters. They all make sense in this story, and may even be a bit of an oddball. There is a man who eats fingers, a woman who kills dolls and another guy who will beat you up based upon your ideal women. A boy who loves onigiri and a panda.

Wait, is that a PANDA??

Well, yes. Panda- Senpaiis a popular and relatable Jujutsu Kaisen character. He is just like all pandas and loves his friends. Jujutsu Kaisen, Episode 16, told us ” Panda ga Panda Janai!”. I’m pretty sure we were all dumbfounded by this. Panda…isn’t a panda!

Then, who is he? Is he real? Don’t worry! This article will help you avoid the confusion.

Panda is who?

Panda is a second year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High College. He is a semi-grade 2 sorcerer. Although his appearance is that of a grown panda, he behaves and talks like a human.

Panda is an Abrupt Mutated Cursed Corpe, not an actual panda. Principal Yaga, a master of puppet jujutsu, was the creator of Panda. Panda, however, is not like other cursed corpses.

A cursed corpse, a non-living thing that is cursed and gains self-control, is an object that has no life. The cursed corpse that Yuuji trains is Yaga, a doll named Yaga. This doll is not able to feel any emotions and is just a simple cursed corpse. You can also control it by giving it commands such as “react when the cursed energies flow is interrupted”.

Panda, unlike the doll, is more than a doll. He was created as a sentient cursed corpse capable of experiencing emotions. He can speak and act just like human beings. He is therefore called an Abrupt Mutated Corpe instead of a ‘cursed body’.

Panda says that Mechamaru calls him a doll when Mechamaru questions him. He thinks humans are ugly and is very different from him. Panda is aware that they have certain qualities, but that doesn’t mean he wants to be human. He finds satisfaction in being a cursed body. They do not have hearts because cursed corpses are created by humans. They have ‘cores,’ instead.

Panda’s cores

Panda, an anomaly, has three cores rather than one. Yaga informs him that he is the brother of two siblings. They will help him when he is in need. These cores enable Panda to change forms whenever he needs them. Once he is destroyed, however, he can’t go back to his core forms until he heals. These three cores are what?

Panda core

Panda’s first core, well, Panda. This is the balanced form he normally uses. It’s easy to use and doesn’t rely on cursed energy. He is agile and strong in this form. We also see that his punch surprised Mechamaru. In his default form, he also exhibits unpredictable movements.

Gorrila core

It’s the Monke! It’s the wrong anime. This monke doesn’t throw rocks, hehee. Episode 16 features Panda in his Gorilla Mode. This mode is best suited for short, close-range fights.

Panda’s brother, who is extremely reactive to cursed energy, is aggressive in fights. The Unblockable Drumming beat is a speciality of this form. Panda’s attack in this form “resonates” with the opponent and causes them to suffer even though they are protecting against it.

This ensures that even a weaker impact force is still as strong. If the hit lands on the opponent’s head, it may also be crucial. This form has a drawback: it quickly drains Panda’s cursed energie.

Sister core

Panda’s older sister, the third core, is still being kept secret. His older sister was crushed in the fight against Mechamaru.

Panda however describes the core as shy and timid. It could be a smaller, stealthy form. Panda is the balance of his siblings so the older sister could be Gorilla’s opposite. We don’t know if the core is okay. Panda does not state this, so we can’t conclude whether Panda’s older sister is still alive by “crushing”.

Panda has other abilities than cores.

Panda’s talents

Panda is a cursed body, so naturally, his energy reserves are large. This cursed energy can envelope his body and allow him to defend or attack. Panda, despite being a panda is an intelligent and perceptive fighter. To stay one step ahead, he tries to predict the movements of his opponents.

Many times, his unpredictability during fights surprises his opponents.

He is a cursed corpse and has an increased ability to take damage. He took on Mechamaru’s Ultra Cannon alone, even though it damaged one of his cores. He is also large and weighs in at a considerable advantage in battle, but he does not lose agility. Panda’s ability to pack a punch can also be compared with Aoi Todo.

Are you a fan of Panda’s abilities and skills? What do you think the third core is all about? Comment below!

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