The mother-daughter duo is behind the bars in the case of injecting clients using a liquefied silicone mix. This promises to make attractive buttocks. KARISSA RAJPUL, a 26-year-old aspiring influencer, lost her life after the procedure. They take the influencer with them and perform the procedure. This was the tragic story of an aspiring actress in adult films.

Mother Libby Adame (51 years old) and Daughter Alicia Galaz (23 years old), were both arrested in California on the 5th of August. After the surgery, the actress passed away at the local hospital.

Karissa Rajpaul, who was undergoing her butt augmentation, went on social media, showing that she was lying down on a table before her surgery. NBC LOS Angeles stated that the procedure took place at ENCINO’s private residence.

KARISSA RAJPAUL: Who are you? Who is Karissa Rajpaul? She was an emerging girl of 26 years. For work, she moved from South Africa to California. It was her third surgery, according to reports. She was fine during the last two operations, which were performed by Libby Adame. She was so pleased with her second surgery that she decided to go to her. September 2020 was the date of her second surgery. Unfortunately, she died in her third surgery.

Police are also looking for other victims. They were unlicensed and had their patients recruited via Instagram. They are known by their nickname LA TIA. Police confirmed that the officers injected liquid silicon into the bloodstream and it subsequently attacked the heart, brain, and kidneys. Alan Hamilton, LAPD Deputy Chief, stated that these drugs can be dangerous and unlicensed medical practices. They are also digitally marketing themselves via social media platforms. They traveled without emergency kits, and would return the patients to the same place if anything went wrong. Both charges range from $3500 to $4500 for each surgery. These types of surgeries cost approximately $15000.

Police continue to search for additional evidence against the mother-daughter duo.

This is an unusual case in the United States. Police began an investigation against the mother and daughter duo. Fans also demand justice and the rightful in this matter.

Karissa Rajpaul, a model and content creator who has been in the industry for a long time, was the subject. This case report will soon be submitted.

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