Mangaka became a politician Ken Akamatsu revealed the gender Jujutsu Kaisen author Gege Akutami in an area on Twitter. The mangaka was referred to as a woman.

Akamatsu, the creator of Love Hina as well as Magical Teacher Negima! was hosting a discussion about freedom of expression and political correctness in the manga industry. After discussing the issue of political correctness with other authors, the conversation turned to the subject of female mangakas within the industry.

During the discussion Akamatsu concluded that Akutami was a woman.

“…When I was working with “Samurai Deeper Kyo” and “Negima,” half the artists in “Magazine” were women, Akamatsu stated. “JUMP also had an female writer for Jujutsu Kaisen. You know that one. Demon Slayer was also written by a female writer, which I find amazing.

The casual revelation by Akamatsu about Akutami, a well-kept secret in the manga industry, sent fans into a frenzy and sparked a debate about Akamatsu’s gender.

Some people were shocked by the revelation and supported the author’s right not to reveal their gender in public. Many claimed that Akutami was male based on interviews with Bleach mangaka Tite Kubo , and the comedian Kendo Kbayashi.

Akutami spoke to Kubo about using male pronouns, and how he attended an all-male junior high school and high school. Akutami also spoke in a male voice in their interview with Kendo Kbayashi.

The interview was once again debated. Some said that Akutami used a mannequin to make her appear on screen, while others suggested that she was actually a woman.

MyJitsu quotes some fans who pointed out that Akamatsu revealed the gender of Akutami.

Akutami’s gender is not yet known. After Akutami included a feminine illustration as the author’s introduction in Jump, there was a lot of discussion about their gender. The author’s depiction of women in the series was also deterrent to the “Akutami Is a Man” theory.

Since March 2018, Akutami began serializing Jujutsu Kaisen. The chapters were collected in 18 tankobon volumes as of December 2021. The author stated that would be finished in 2023, if all goes according to plan.

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