“You are the moon, but you don’t know the dawn.” Your purpose will be accomplished. Cast 9 shadows on the night woven over 20 years, and then you will know the brilliance the dawn.” This was Lady Toki’s prophecy that drove Orochi to extreme paranoia.

Kaido and Orochi would be destroyed by the prophecy. These words were a foreshadowing of the end to terror in Wano. What was Toki’s prophecy exactly? Who were the 9 shadows she spoke of? Much of the Onigashima raid’s conclusion is still a mystery.

We know it foretold the coming war between the pirate-mink-ninja-samurai alliance and Kaido. We believe it was more than a sign of Onigashima’s raid. These cryptic last words of Lady Toki leave much to be desired.

The Coming of Toki’s Prophecy and the Death of Oden

We must first go back to the beginning. It was 20 years ago. People in Wano are overwhelmed by grief and sadness. They are now aware of the evil of Orochi, and the imminent doom of Wano. It’s too late, Kozuki Ode had died. All they can do now is to mourn their hero.

To save Lady Toki, the 9 Scabbards race towards the Kuri castle. They do reach the castle but Kaido and his men have set it ablaze. Momonosuke and Kin’emon, Kanjuro and Raizo still manage to reach Lady Toki at the castle on fire. Here is the beginning of the end.

Toki sent four Kozuki retainers to her son and her son to 20 year in the future, while she stayed behind and spoke those words that were echoed like a prophecy. It is not known why Lady Toki couldn’t escape into the future. One thing is certain: she saw what was to come.

Toki’s prophecy broken down

To fully understand Lady Toki’s prophecy, it is necessary to first understand its many layers. We said that the prophecy of Lady Toki was more than just predicting an imminent war.

The moon unaware of dawn

It is obvious that the raid on Onigashima took place on a full moon night. However, , the name Kozuki, means shining moon. Kozuki Hiryori, and Kozuki Momonosuke are the only Kozuki survivors from the Onigashima Raid. This prophecy may be tempting to them.

Toki’s statement that they are not aware of the dawn could be taken to mean they don’t know Oden’s dream for Wano or they aren’t aware of the person who will bring dawn to Wano. It seems that it is Luffy, especially after Momonosuke’s interaction to Yamato. Fate brought Luffy to Wano!

All things will work out for your good.

What purpose could they serve if the prophecy is centered around Momo or Hiyori? It seems obvious that Wano should be liberated. This means that they will bring the dawn. If this dawn refers to Luffy, then it could also be that Momo or Hiyori were trying to bring Luffy to Wano.

This is an interesting fact to notice. Momonosuke brought Luffy into Wano’s affairs. Zoro seemed to be influenced a little by Hiyori (can we please assume this?). These two Wano are Wano’s best chance at liberation. This is the dawn Wano longed for.

What’s happening in Wano at the moment? The raid on Onigashima is the culmination 20-years of efforts by Wano residents. Over a period 20 years, even the players, Luffy especially, have learned to temper themselves. This statement could be true in both directions.

And cast 9 Shadows on the Night woven of 20 Years

Here’s the part about the 9 Shadows. We believed them initially to be the 9 Scabbards. It turned out that only 8 Kozuki Clan members were ever retained. Kanjuro was the traitor right from the beginning. The Yonko has also defeated the Izu and Scabbards.

Who are these shadows that bring the bright dawn? This is what we speculated on in another blog. You can read more about it here. (click link)

The brilliance and beauty of the dawn will be yours

This is the final part of Kozuki Toki’s prophecy. It’s also probably the most difficult. It is easy to see that Luffy’s actions will make others realize his importance. Why focus on Luffy when Momonosuke or Hiyori are in the spotlight?

Momo has the opportunity to shine in chapter 1013. Momo may have the opportunity to help Luffy or face Kaido, with Kaido having defeated Luffy. It was also possible that Hiyori may be the mysterious individual who healed the scabbards in chapter 1004.

The last part of Toki’s prophecy could be that the moon (Kozuki), shines in a way that reflects the brightness of the dawn. Or, the radiance and shining moon casts shadows on the nine fighters who go on to liberate Wano. Momo and Hiyori could have helped Luffy and other fighters liberate Wano. This would allow them to experience “brilliance at the dawn”.

Tinfoily but it’s okay!

The Letter from Oden

Oden wrote Toki a letter before he left for the final battle against Kaido. Oden wrote to Toki that he was at the peak his strength. He failed to kill Kaido and no one else in the era will be able to beat him. Oden, however, stated in his letter that a new generation would arrive in 20 years to end the tyrannical rule of Kaido.

Was it the prophecy by Oden Lady Toki read in her last moments? The lingering question is: How did Oden know about the future yet to come? The question is still unanswered. It does however explain why the noble warrior saw the end of Orochi, Kaido and the future.

What do you think about Lady Toki’s prophecy? Is it a foreshadowing to the raid on Onigashima or was it more? Are you convinced there was more to the prophecy than that? Let us know what you think by commenting below.

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