This article contains spoilers for Chapter 282 of My Hero Academia manga. You can proceed at your own risk!

The fight against Shigaraki Tomura in My Hero Academia continues and the heroes are forced into difficult decisions. Tomura’s punches and smashes have left First Gran Torino almost dead.

The latest chapter also shows that the situation is not promising. Gigantomachia has taken the lives of his heroes and is now heading for the destination. He’ll be destroying almost all of the cities he passes. The government has given an order to evacuate cities in danger of being destroyed. Gigantomachia’s rapid evacuation doesn’t seem to be a viable option.

Toga, Dabi, and other heroes are ready to give their lives for the good of society. The hero who had to make a terrible sacrifice is Shota Azawa, our homeroom teacher in class 1-A.

We all know that Shigaraki was held down by Ryuku and Deku. Endeavour is also mentioned in the previous chapter. The villain prodigy had another trick up his sleeve. He had concealed a quirk-removal bullet in his pocket that he intended to use against Aizawa. Ryuku alerted everyone to the existence of the bullet. Aizawa made an unimaginable decision in that instant. While they tried to dodge the bullet, it struck Aizawa in the leg.

Everyone assumed that Aizawa would lose his quirk at that point and that he’d be a burden to the team. Aizawa came up with a different plan. Aizawa pulled out a knife and sliced his leg.

That man actually ripped his own leg off! He did it without hesitation.

This was a difficult moment for a shounen series such as My Hero Academia. Aizawa’s determination was also demonstrated, as Shigaraki admitted. Aizawa was unable to resist the bravery and ended up blinking. This released Tomuras’ quirk, and he returned to his full power. In a flash, Tomuras jumped towards Aizawa but Shoto Todoroki stopped him.

Aizawa’s sacrifice will be remembered as one of the best moments in the My Hero Academia series.

Aizawa’s decision to cut off his leg may seem small compared to other sacrifices, such as Mirio (current arc) and Shield Hero Crust. Aizawa took a calm and quick decision at a critical moment when the world was at risk. Aizawa is the only one who can save everyone in the current battle. He would have lost his quirk if he hadn’t cut his leg. It would have hampered heroes’ chances of defeating Tomura Shigaraki. He is also the only hope that the heroes have of winning.

Aizawa is likely to be out of battle for a short time, as Shigaraki managed to grab him for a second. The heroes will probably have to do without their sensei for that time.

What do you think about Aizawa’s sacrifice to preserve his quirk? It was cool, or did you not? Are you angry at Horikoshi sensei or did it make you feel cool? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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