Since its anime debut in the early 2000s, Naruto has been a fan favorite for many years. The Naruto characters are one of the most popular in anime. Minato Namikaze is one of these characters. He is the fourth Hokage, and the fastest shinobi. Minato can easily be said to be faster than Sasuke and postwar Naruto, as he has Kyuubi Chakra Mode along with Sage Mode.

These abilities, which Minato was granted, were always criticized by fans as an asspull. Fans criticised Masashiki for giving Minato a sage and tailed mode after he was resurrected. They claimed that he hadn’t thought through the plot well. However, Minato’s power-ups are not plot holes in the series. You could consider them a bit of retcon.

This blog will explain why Minato’s sage mode doesn’t represent a plot hole, or an assassin by Kishimoto. We need to examine Minato’s history, from his time training under Jiraiya through the times of his death until his resurrection.

What was Minato Namikaze’s first encounter with the Sage mode?

Minato was Master Jiraiya‘s student. He grew tremendously strong under his guidance. Jiraiya allowed Minato to go to Mount. Myoboku was able to learn the sage mode. This is how Minato was able to master Sage Mode. Minato began learning how to harness the nature chakra. His higher intelligence helped him even partially master it.

There was a twist. Although he could master the form of Sage Mode and the kneading, he couldn’t withstand the sage mode long because his chakra reserves weren’t as large as Naruto or Jiraiya. There is also a significant difference in their fighting styles. Minato is a speed fighter who relies heavily on speed to determine the outcome of any battle he’s involved in. Minato realized that he didn’t like the idea of sitting still and kneading Sage chakra. Minato decided to stop Sage training and learning how to knead sage chakra as he moved. Naruto, however, was able to master kneading Sage chakra while moving by using his clones.

His inability to practice is also due to the many wars Konoha was involved in throughout his life. He was often away on missions, which meant he had less time to train and practice.

Fukasaku Sama also mentions Naruto’s Sage Mode when he arrives to fight Pain. Fukasaku is clearly suggesting that Minato can use the Sage Mode more effectively than Jiraiya and Minato.

Why didn’t Minato employ the sage mode to defeat Nine tails and Obito (masked men)?

Minato mentioned that he’s not very skilled at Sage mode and doesn’t use it in battles. This is mainly because it takes him time to make the chakra required for Sage mode. This is the main reason he doesn’t use it in battles.

He was fighting Obito (Masked man) and Kyuubi during Naruto’s birth. Minato was captured during battle and was trying to protect weak Kushina as well as baby Naruto. Even though he was separated from Kushina, he was still with her.

Minato doesn’t want Obito’s fight to drag out, as that would stop him from supporting Kushina or Naruto. Minato sees the situation and knows that he must end the fight quickly. This was what Obito wanted. Minato said, “whoever strikes first wins!”

This battle was also a battle in which Obito would have been killed if he hadn’t used Hashirama cells. The battle was so fast, Minato didn’t have time to knead Sage Chakra and resorted back to the basic fighting style in his arsenal.

What was Minato’s perfect sage manner during the War?

Let’s look at some details. Minato could not use the sage method as he wanted because it was too time-consuming and he didn’t have large chakra reserves like Jiraiya or Naruto. Orochimaru reincarnated Minato using the body and spirit of a Zetsu during the fourth shinobi war. Zetsu’s are made from Hashirama cell and we should point out the vitality and the nature chakre harnessing capability of Hashirama Cells (Madara was capable of using senjutsu even though he didn’t practice the art in sage mode after absorbing Hashirama’s cells and chakra).

Reincarnated also means that the physical limitations that prevented him from using the Sage mode were effectively eliminated. He was thus able to instantly use the sage mod during the war arc. This sage mode isn’t as efficient as Naruto or Hashirama because he can only use the sage mode for a very short time, especially after Kyuubi was taken from him by Black Zetsu. Also, he is unable to properly use the sage mode with his Nine-tailed beast mode.

This shows that Minato was correct when he stated that he couldn’t use sage for too long, as reanimating didn’t grant him enormous chakra reserves. He can draw very little chakra without Kyuubi, compared to Naruto. He only used sage mode because he had to. Senjutsu was all that worked on Madara, Obito and their ten tails mode jinchuuriki.

Both of his arms had been amputated and he was unable to use taijutsu, ninjutsu, or seasling jutsu. There was no other way than to use a technique that he wasn’t fully proficient in. Although the form looked great (thanks to Hashirama cells and reanimation), Minato was not able to master sage mode. This was evident in the War.

This shows that Minato’s Sage Mode wasn’t as glaring a plot hole as many believe it to be. It is a story-enhancing element that can be viewed as minor retcon considering the way the sage mode was introduced. Minato’s sage mode was very impressive, considering that he is a cool Hokage from Konohagakure. Okay, maybe we’re getting a little too carried away.

What do you think about Minato’s sage-mode? Do you believe our theory? We would love to hear your opinions in the comments!

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