There needs to be some gray areas in a world that is dominated by villains and heroes. Hawks are one of those people. Hawks is a cool, confident, and nonchalant hero. There is something about him that is upsetting. He is a little unsure because of the mystery surrounding him. He is currently the second-best professional hero after Endeavor. He’s also a member of The League of Villains. Does that make him a traitor?

This article will address the question, and briefly discuss Hawks as an individual.

The Second-Best Pro Hero:

Hawks is a name that has been around for quite some time. It was in Chapter 184 that the audience first learned about Hawks. His short, fun conversation with Endeavor at that event was enough for people to be interested. He was a great hero in his 20s, and he had a calm attitude. It’s hard to not love him.

It was also revealed that he is fond of Endeavor. He was fighting alongside Endeavor and it was an incredible feat of chivalry, dexterity, and chivalry against the high-end nomu. The Number 1 hero may have lost if it weren’t for him.

One event, however, changed everything about Hawks. It also instilled doubt in the minds of readers.

An Agent for The League of Villains

Hawks met Dabi in a dark alley and told him that he wanted LoV. This shocking development was a surprise to the readers. If Hawks joined LoV, they would learn everything about the heroes. It will also mark the beginning of doomsday.

This was not the case, it turned out. Hawks joined LoV to serve a completely different purpose. Hawks wasn’t there for friendship or to betray the heroes. This was a secret mission that was only known to a few.

So, Is Hawks A Traitor Or Not?

Hawks will not betray the faith of those who trust him. He was created to help those in need. It was also the heroes back then who needed the information about LoV. Hawks did exactly what was asked.

He is a double agent, and plays a make-believe game with both sides. However, the odds favor Hawks. He was able to not only get into LoV, but also gained some trust from them. He doesn’t forget that he does it for safety reasons. Because he is a simple hero who does his job, and not a traitor . He chose to support those he considers righteous.

But is this the entire story?

There’s an additional important question. Will Hawks be a traitor in near future?

Hawks: A Tool For Justice

Keigo Takami was a child who was brutally abused daily by his father. Because he believed heroes were fantasy, he didn’t believe anyone was coming to his rescue. Endeavor saved his father from all of the pain and suffering. Hawks has always respected Endeavor since that fateful day. He trained under secret authorities in order to help anyone who called for assistance. He came to believe that he was just a tool to bring justice.

Why Hawks can Betray the Heroes?

He must have felt something different when he met Twice. Twice was a man who wanted to protect his friends. Their promise to fly together was destroyed by the welfare of society. Hawks were heartbroken to see their friend die. Dabi was on the other side.

Dabi and Hawks were forced into heroism by those who wanted only their personal gain. It’s even more remarkable that their abusers were only their fathers. Because of their similar past, Hawks is more inclined to support the victim than the abuser. It is difficult to believe that Hawks and Twice are so similar. There are many reasons he could turn his back on the heroes. Horikoshi will decide if he goes rogue.

What do you think of Hawks? Is he a traitor or a hero? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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