This article contains spoilers for the most recent chapters of My Hero Academia (290). You can proceed at your own risk!

Shigaraki is effectively defeated in the ongoing fight against pro heroes. This is due to the incomplete transfer of All For One into Shigaraki. His body is so bad that All For One, who is trying to control his body wants him to flee to Gigantomachia.

Shigaraki doesn’t like being controlled by All For One and does not like the idea of running from the battlefield. He is determined to keep his twisted views and torment the society. He can’t keep fighting until his body is healed.

His regeneration quirk is limited in its capabilities. He was already on his last leg before Machia broke them.

There might be a way for Shigaraki to escape this grim situation. If it does happen, it will be a devastating sucker punch to the pro-heroes.

All they need is one arm!

Let’s refresh our memories. After the Shie Hashikai arc, the League of Villains was led by Shigaraki and had attacked Overhaul’s convoy. Although the main focus was on the Eri-based quirk deleting rounds Chisaki engineered, there was one small detail that could come back to haunt this hero society.

We see that Atsuhiro, Mr.Compress, uses his quirks to compress Chisaki’s left arm while stealing the bullets. Shigaraki then proceeded to degrade the right arm of the Yakuza boss. Chisaki was unable to use this quirk.

Chisaki’s arm is taken by Mr. Compress

Let’s return to the present scenario. Atsuhiro (Mr. Compress), along with Gigantomachia and the League of Villains, has arrived to Shigaraki. Atsuhiro has a unique ability to compress any object and store it in a small area of marbles. Items that are kept in marble are protected from damage. Even though Chisaki’s arm wasn’t in the spotlight, it can be assumed that it is in its best condition.

Atsuhiro can give Chisaki’s elbow to his boss, seeing that Shigaraki has fallen into a serious condition.

Shigaraki has the All For One quirk at present. To steal someone’s quirk, he just has to touch them. But Mr. Compress has only Chisaki’s arms. Is it possible for Shigaraki to steal the Overhaul quirk by touching Chisaki’s arms?

His quirk factor is his arms. His arm contains the primary mechanisms and biological enhancements required for the quirk to work. Chisaki’s hands carry his quirks.

Shigaraki can steal his quirk by touching his arm. Overhaul allows users to disassemble and reassemble any part of their bodies in any way they want. This ability was demonstrated by Chisaki in the Shie Hassaikai Arc while he fought Deku. This ability can be used to repair and correct any defects in Shigaraki’s body if he does steal Overhaul.

Sayonara Hero Society!

Shigaraki must overcome obstacles such as pro heroes and his disfunctional body that can’t handle the quirk All For One in order to create a mass genocide. Shigaraki could become a sentient being if he rebuilds or merges his body with someone with the Overhaul quirk. There are heroes who could stop him, but it’s not like that.

Reassemble and reassemble will complete the 75% stoppage. Shigaraki has already awakened the decay quirk and left behind unimaginable destruction. Due to the above physical limitations, he is unable to use any other quirks in All For One. He can overcome these limitations and there will be no stopping Shigaraki. He is utterly invincible thanks to his superhuman regeneration, Decay, and Overhaul quirk.

Eri is the only way to save our lives.

This would leave the Shie Hashikiai arc with an unmatched legacy. The first deleter rounds and then the creation of the most powerful villain in history.

Consider this scenario…

What happens if Shigaraki merges into Gigantomachia. Let’s forget about it.

Even if Shigaraki can’t take Overhauls quirk, imagine what Toga would do if Toga used the blood from Chisaki and then …… Let’s just leave it at that.

The current My Hero Academia storyline is filled with a sense of foreboding. To get clues about the end, look no further than the title of the current Saga ” Rise of the Villains“. Endeavor is at the brink of his death after learning that Dabi is Touya Todoroki. Bakugo, Aizawa, and Deku aren’t in a position for combat. Although these characters are not the only pro-heroes, or the strongest, the majority of My Hero Academia’s characters are not in a position to continue fighting.

Students from other schools might also show up. The sensible outcome for us is a loss to the heroes. This could lead to Japan’s heroes society entering a dark phase. Horikoshi can introduce a time skip or something similar so that the protags become stronger.

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