According to current circumstances, Elsa Granhiert has been totally crushed by Garfieltinsel. It is assumed that she has died for good. This isn’t the first time she has died. She has been able to recover from her death in the past. I am now asking myself if Elsa is really dead. How could she have died? This is because there’s some cut content in the anime that explains what actually happened!

In an earlier article, we discussed Elsa Granhiert‘s powers. We discovered the reason behind Elsa’s so-called Immortality of Elsa, which allowed her to return from near death situations. What if Elsa is resurrected from the Curse within her body? This article will discuss the answer.

Elsa’s first on-screen death

Before I get to the fight between Elsa & Garfiel, let me direct your attention to volume 12, Re: Zero. This is where the audience saw her first death.

The confrontation takes place in Chapter 3: A Four-Hundred-Year-Old Cry, where Subaru is running away from Elsa and dragging Beatrice with him. Meili crosses their paths to stall them until Elsa arrives. Elsa attempts to kill Beatrice as soon as she enters the scene. However, Beatrice’s dark magic repels her.

Beatrice refers to the magic as Minya, which is mana arrows that slow down time. This is the same magic Subaru uses with the help Beatrice to defeat The Great Rabbits at Sanctuary later.

Beatrice returns to the standoff and fires her mana-arrows at Elsa, who is skilled at deflecting them using her blades but gradually starts taking damage as her blades are chipped and shatter. Finally, the arrows impale her body, thus shattering her. Below is a detailed description of the scene from the LN.

Beatrice did not show any futile compassion by asking Elsa to repeat her last words. Elsa was in her face as she extended her arm towards her, clutching her open hand.

It took just one second for thousands of arrows from the sky to strike Elsa, impaling her entire body.

A cloud of dust grew from the streets after repeated destructive impacts. The dust settled and was replaced by a horrible, yet beautiful, work of lethal art.

Half of her body was shattered by crystal arrows, which were pushed through with crystal arrows. This was Elsa’s final act.

(Page 141-142, Volume 12)

We can clearly see that Elsa died in this scene. Half of her body had been completely broken. Although the characters assumed the same, Meili didn’t show any remorse. Elsa should have been dead right away, but the curse on her body revived her and she was able to rise from the dead. Elsa then impales Beatrice with her Blades and kills the spirit.

The author describes Elsa’s condition in that moment as not having one wound on her body. However, side effects of the damage she took had left her clothes ruined, making her naked and exposed. She clearly had taken all the hits and died. Yet, the curse had made her perfect body again. Some crazy power, isn’t it?

Elsa’s Death in the Fight against Garfiel

We now get to the confrontation between Elsa Granhiert & Garfiel Tinsel. It was a very intense match. Let’s not forget the last moments of the match. Garfiel smashed into Elsa’s face, then deflected and killed Rock Pig. Meili summoned this massive beast to take down Meili.

He then grabbed the beast and threw him at Elsa. Elsa waited for the inevitable, knowing that nothing would save her. Her body was crushed by the beast in a flash of an eye and she died. Below is an extract from the book.

The incredible mass crushed the Bowel Hunter, the murderess, and the vampire.

The demon beast was splattered with fresh blood, which mixed with his bodily fluids. There was no sign that there would be a revival, but only the stench of death.

(Page 123, Volume 15)

The question that worries me now is: Is Elsa dead? Given what she did in the fight against Beatrice, Subaru, and the rest of her story, how can it be that she won’t be reanimated again by the curse? Although the anime has concluded Elsa’s story with this fight, the LN tells a little more about her story.

Remove the anime content

Elsa was able to regain her health after she was crushed by the Rock Pig in the Light Novels. She did not die there. We say this because it is the right thing to do. Because Elsa should not be crushed to death! !

Subaru encountered Elsa, a zombie-like Elsa who was reanimated while he was looking for Beatrice in chapter Pick Me. She showed no signs that she is alive now. She was nothing more than a dead husk controlled only by an inexhaustible obsession and bloodlust. In an attempt to kill Subaru, it dragged her lower body. Although Subaru was able to escape her sudden attack, he was not safe.

Elsa, a reanimated Elsa, chases him through his mansion to kill him. She is stopped by the Giltirau (Guiltylowe).

Subaru used this opportunity to escape the Archive of Forbidden Books. After battling the Demon Beast, Elsa, who is now reanimated, follows her lead through the secret chamber. The whole chamber was immediately engulfed by flames and turned to ashes. Here is an extract from the book:

The tunnel was then filled with oxygen, which caused incomplete combustion. Everything burst into flames when the oxygen-rich and heat came in contact. […]

The undead were enveloped by the uncontrollable flames. Its body was instantly melted by the hellish flames.

The body of the undead, which had lost its ability to heal, was turned into ash and swallowed.

The roaring inferno destroyed everything that remained.

(Page 187, Volume 15)

Is Elsa dead really?

We can conclude that Elsa is dead. Her body has been reduced to ashes and nothing is left of her. Is it possible for the curse she has placed upon her to still regenerate her body? Elsa tells Beatrice, “If I had burned to ashes, then I would have died,” in the web novel.

Garfiel had been slowly chipping away at Elsa’s immortality and delivered a final blow to her. She reanimated, but this time she was a mindless corpse , a side effect I described when I wrote about Elsa’s powers. Her soul had already left the body she used to live in. The rotting body of Elsa was then taken to her grave.

So, Elsa is actually dead at the end! !

The Queen is still with us! The Queen is gone.

If there is no body to regenerate, the curse can’t regenerate. Apart from this, Elsa is not mentioned anywhere in the next series. We can therefore safely assume that Elsa has died and is not returning.

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