Satella, also known by the Witch of Envy, surprised everyone when she appeared at the third witches tea parties.

Despite being responsible for the deaths, the witches didn’t seem to hate her. Echidna was the exception.

Satella’s obsession with Subaru and her completely unorthodox behavior with Subaru raise questions about Satella’s true identity.

Satella is who?

Satella is also known as the Witch of Envy. According to records, she was the one who caused the Great Calamity in 400 years ago.

In reality, Satella and the Witch Of Envy are two distinct personalities. She absorbed a witch element that was not compatible.

Satella was made insane by the Witch Factor, and eventually developed The Witch of Envy personality.

This information about Satella’s split personality was not found in the legends. This was the part that was revealed during the third witches tea party, but it was easily ignored by the anime.

Subaru discovers that Satella is deeply concerned for him during his second encounter with Satella. He was not hurt by her kindness. She actually visited the second tea party to express her gratitude to him for saving me and to encourage him to be more mindful of his well-being.

Her behavior towards Subaru only raises more questions about Satella’s relationship to Emilia.

Is Emilia Satella?

Weird question huh!

We can only speculate that Emilia might be the Witch of Envy Satella, based on what we’ve seen so far.

We mentioned in one our previous posts that Satella thanked Subaru ” giving it light, showing it the outside, holding her hand when her heart was heavy” (this dialogue was once again ignored by the anime).

Wait!! Wait! This was not the first time Subaru met Satella ( The one he met outside Echidna’s tomb was clearly the Witch Of Envy but we believe Satella’s personality overtook the Witch of Envy towards end, when Subaru stabbed Petra with her handkerchief).

This statement is absurd unless Subaru has lost some of his Satella memories. Subaru comes to the conclusion Satella is having a problem in her head.

These things could have happened in Satella’s timeline but are yet to occur in Subaru’s current timeline, at the time of Satella’s third witches tea party. Confusing? Yes?

This particular incident also occurred in Subaru’s timeline after season 2 of Re:Zero is over. We are referring to Emilia’s and Subaru’s kiss in a tomb in Season 2 Part 2 Re:Zero.

This is Emilia’s lowest moment. This moment rekindles her fighting spirit after she had lost all hope. Let’s now take a look at the words that Satella shared with Subaru during the third tea party.

“… Holding her hand when she is lonely, and kissing when she is all alone.

There are no brownies for guessing which moment it refers to.

Let’s get this out of the way. Re:Zero fans are increasingly embracing the theory that Satella may actually be Emilia, who has traveled back in time to save Subaru.

This is how it works. Wear your tinfoil hats for extra protection!

While you are reading this theory, consider the possibility that alternate timelines exist. Subaru’s second trial shows Emilia and Rem grieving over the dead body.

These incidents would not have occurred if the world was indeed being reset. These scenes, while they are a small part of the real world, can be viewed only from Subaru’s memories.

The incident involving Reinhardt Van Astrea and Puck points to an alternative timeline. It’s unlikely that Echidna’s trials were randomly picked up from Subaru’s memory. We can’t be certain about this.

We hear your laughter, but we want you to hear our voice!

Emilia traveled back in time to be Satella.

Some terrible events will happen in the future that cause Subaru (or Puck), to die.

He either kills the Witch Of Envy or fails to stop her death, which would cause him to lose his Return by Dying Ability.

Emilia doesn’t have the power or ability to bring him back. In desperate times, Emilia uses a witch factor to control the time. Emilia may have wanted to travel back in time so that she could save Subaru.

The half-elf could have gone mad, even though she had no idea how to control the witch factor. This could have sent her back nearly 400 years or to another timeline. ).

Emilia may have consumed witch factors in her desperate need, which could have caused her to go insane and cause her mental instability.

It is possible to assume that she had already been suffering from her split personality disorder 400 years before she appeared. This could also explain why the historical records claim that The Witch of Envy appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

Peteleguese Romanee Conti was another example of someone going berserk, or not being able control the witch factor. After consuming a Witch Factor, his personality changed dramatically.

It is therefore safe to suppose that Emilia might have experienced something similar.

The parts that were left out of the anime

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 13, Episode 13, omits two crucial elements that were included in the anime. The first is that Satella (and Witch of Envy) are two distinct personalities.

The second is Satella’s dialogue about how Subaru saved Satella.

These two instances are keystones of the theory that Emilia is Satella. They are not omitted because the creators don’t want their fans to discover their identities.

The dialogue is a clear indication that Emilia really is Satella.

So, basically Emilia is the same person as Satella?

In an alternate timeline, the Satella would be the Emilia of the current timeline. Alternate timelines may not exist.

Now that Emilia is back in time, Emilia realizes she was way too ambitious. In her desperate state, she would not be able to locate Subaru and this would eventually lead to her ” witch personality” spiraling out of control and resulting in the Great Calamity.

Emilia might have realized that she had a split personality and that she was the witch of Envy. She would go on to call herself Satella, and be sealed by Volcanica the dragon.

In the first episode of Re:Zero’s very first episode, Satella introduces herself to Subaru as Satella. This was a brilliant foreshadowing.

This theory would explain the actions of Satella during the third witch party. She tells Subaru, before the dream palace falls apart, that she would kill her.

Because Satella, who is Emilia, could have already seen it happen in her timeframe.

This is why Satella loves Subaru so much and why she thanked Subaru for saving her. These are likely the things Subaru did to Emilia. However, they haven’t happened in the current timeline.

This is also why Sin Archbishops are obsessed with the Witch of Envy’s affection.

Subaru’s Return by Death might be an improved version of Satella’s powers

Keep in mind that Emilia does not know about Return by Death and how it works.

She goes back in time to become Satella and perfects her abilities. Subaru is summoned into the world by Satella and she grants him the Return by Death. This would help him avoid death and allow him to have a better future.

Here’s another observation: Before Subaru is isekai’d he has a short moment outside the store where he experiences memories about Emilia lying in blood and Subaru promising her to save her.

This is because Subaru has never experienced the scene. This could only have happened if Satella’s memories had been transferred to him through their connection, or by the whole process of being summoned.

Satella is an Emilia, who has traveled to the past or to another timeline. She has seen that scene before Subaru.

If Satella is Emilia, why not hide Emilia’s powers of Return by death?

It could be that Satella, who has mental instability, wants Subaru for herself. She doesn’t want Emilia to find out about it and she does not intend to lose him.

You can see the unstable behavior in Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 11.

This episode features Emilia, who is a broken woman towards the end. Her strange behavior towards her is eerily similar to the Witch of Envy at the Sanctuary.

This could also be the reason Satella is defeated and sealed away. She wants to resurrect within Emilia’s body. Because she knows Subaru will end up falling for her anyway.

Unfortunately, Emilia’s actions either created a causal loop or an alternate timeline paradox that would never be ended. It all begins with Subaru’s demise, defeating the Witch Of Envy, and Emilia traveling back in time (or another universe).

This is a bigger version of Subaru’s death by the sword, in which everyone’s actions and will have an impact on the final outcome. The end result is the same. Subaru still dies, and Emilia, in desperate need, consumes Witch Factor/s going back to time.

The time loop, or divergent timelines, could actually be more complicated than Dark or Steins’gate. Subaru isn’t the only one that can affect the outcome (read Aldebaran).

There is one possibility that the whole loop could stop. That is, if Subaru saves Satella and himself.

It is therefore of paramount importance that he promises to her at the conclusion of the third witches’ tea party. !

Bonus point:

When Emilia meets Echidna in the Sanctuary trials (just like Subaru), she displays an unexplained hatred towards the half-elf.

Echidna had the book of knowledge that knew all the truths of the world. This would explain why she hates Emilia’s relationship with Satella.

This is a plausible theory but it’s only an assumption. The outcome could be very different.

What do you think of Satella’s true identity? Could it be Emilia? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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