You may have seen the news about “RIP Nikita Dragun”, which was shared on YouTube and other social media platforms. When they received the news, all of her fans were shocked. We don’t yet have an official verdict on the news. The video was 33 minutes long and claimed Nikita Dragun, a rising makeup artist. It is being viewed as misleading click bait caption. The death rumors about Nikita Dragun are making her fans very sad.

Nikita Dragun Age

Nikita Dragun was conceived on 31 January 1996. Her real name was Nikita Nguyen. Professionally, however, she is known as Nikita Dragun. She is an American YouTuber. She also creates videos about makeup trends. She is also a rising star in the industry. According to some sources, she has 3.64 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Nikita Dragun education

Belgia is her birthplace. She attended high school in Virginia. Her comments about her transgender transition are still controversial. She had spoken out about her transition in many of her YouTube videos. After her elementary schooling in Virginia, she moved to Los Angeles where she began working in the fashion industry. She received her Business degree from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Nikita Dragun youtube

Her YouTube channel is her most prominent source of recognition. In February 2013, she joined YouTube. She was initially not serious about her channel’s success, but she began to make small deals with brands. After a few months, she realized that her videos were becoming more serious on YouTube and Instagram. In 2015, the truth about her transgender identity was revealed to the public.

Is she still alive or dead?

Nikita Dragun remains alive. Fans are spreading rumors about her death and rumours of her death. This is due to the recent social media release. You can see Nikita Dragun’s latest activity on Instagram. In addition to sharing the latest photos and posts, she also shared rumors with her fans. In this time, her followers also increased. Nikita Dragun, an Instagram influencer, also received support from her fans on YouTube and Twitter.

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