Rosamund Pike’s cool, confident voice, playing Marla Grayson in “I Care a Lot,” opens the film. The camera pans slowly over the confused-looking residents in a nursing home. “The people who take” and “the people who are taken.”

Marla’s first shot shows her razor-sharp, blonde hair. She is a brutally amoral and an icy self-confident cheater. While she plays the role as a court-appointed guardian, she cleverly segregates the older wards from her family and bank accounts.

British actress Pike is best-known for her Oscar-nominated performance on Gone Girl. She starred in I Care a Lot written and directed J. Blakeson. It will be available on Netflix Friday. Pike already has a Golden Globe nomination. She plays a role that is both horribly vicious and seductively fearless. This makes her a true antihero, who delights in doing very bad things.

In a recent interview from Prague, Pike said that Marla was “like a street fighter dressed in designer clothes.” It was a deep dive into finding the right place to have the hunger for money, victory and the belief that your goal matters more than anything else.

She added that all of these are characteristics “women rarely portray in film”.

Pike, 42 years old, is a strikingly beautiful woman with flawless, peach-cream skin. Her straight, blonde hair is a delight. She was thoughtful and articulate during the interview.

Pike was 21 when she became the Bond girl in Die Another Day. She has enjoyed a successful acting career for over two decades but has not achieved the fame of her peers or aspired there.

Pike is a skilled actor who has mastered the role of the English rose. (See Jane Bennett, Joe Wright’s “Pride and Prejudice”, 2005). But Pike has never been defined by prettiness. She feigned British spy film in “Johnny English Reborn”, starred with Tom Cruise in action thriller “Jack Reacher”, and starred in an extremely unsuspecting character in “An Education,” Marie Colvin, a die-hard reporter in “A Private,” and “And the mysterious Amy from” Gone Girl.

Blakeson said, “I think she gets overlooked a bit because she rarely gets conspicuous with her roles.” “I find it confusing that she didn’t win the Oscar for ‘Gone Girl’.”

Blakeson said that he has wanted to work alongside Pike for a while. He said, “It’s different for every part; you never know what you’re getting.” You can play a character in “I Care a Lot,” which is a reminder how great she is.

Pike was the only child of two opera singers and spent much of her childhood in London. Pike said that she knew from the age of 4 that she would be an actress. She said, “You grow up in a creative family and you adapt to it.” “Adults were for me people who could tell stories and play convincingly. I spent hours in rehearsals for operas and learned why or not I believed them. The theater was a place where I felt at home. It had a kind of magic that I could see. ”

She said she didn’t know much about it until she was 16, when she saw a flyer for the National Youth Theater. This British institution has a reputation for producing actors such as Helen Mirren, Colin Firth, and Daniel Craig. Pike was accepted and performed with the group for the next two-years. He was the hero in “Romeo and Juliet” after all.

Pike was impressed by her performance as Julia and he became an agent for her. This is something that she kept quiet about when she moved to Oxford University. “I secretly went to London to audition for things I would not get, and then I thought, “Will he let me go?” She replied. Pike was also a student at the university, which she described as “a hotbed for failure.”

She traveled for a time after graduation and returned just in time to audition for Bond. She said, “I was really shaggy wearing a cardigan with old jeans.” She said, “I couldn’t have been more appropriate, but luckily that they could see beyond it.” Pike acknowledged that she had opened many doors for her film role.

She was able to return to stage work, appearing in Terry Johnson’s “Hitchcock Blonde”, which she called a career highlight. She has worked mainly in film since then and is now interested in characters based upon real characters. Ruth Williams, her wife, was the first Botswana woman president.

Marjane Satrapi (director of Radioactive) said that she could have easily played the role of a beautiful blonde, the object or desire. It would have been easy, but she chose to take on more difficult roles than others. She is an actress who doesn’t mind getting older and thinks it is fascinating. ”

Pike claimed that studios don’t often see her as a comedian. However, she did prove that she could be one in the BBC’s State of the Union series. For which she was awarded an Emmy. She said, “Maybe now people’ll notice.”

David Tennant, who starred alongside Rosamund in the UK drama What We Did on our Holiday, said that things are funny because they’re true. He said that comedy requires a light touch and dexterity. You also need to bring a lot of joy to the job – all qualities Rosamund has.

Pike’s breakthrough was however 2014’s “Gone Girl”. She said, “It allowed me to learn more about acting on film than any other time.” “I was allowed show that I’m a woman, extreme, dangerous, sweet and indulgent. This was my first screen experience of freedom that I hadn’t experienced before. ”

Marla Grayson, the character in “I Care a Lot”, shares some traits with Amy, including the use of femininity to achieve and weaponize success. However, Pike was quite outraged at the suggestion that they be similar.

She said, “I saw her completely different.” “I wouldn’t want to be a sub-gone girl. Marla to me was more of a shoot from the hip, think about your feet person. ”

She added, “It was important for us that the audience enjoyed it and that the dark comedy side was rooted within the truth.” What are America’s values? What are the values that you should be respected? Money.”

After a moment of reflection, she smiled and said: “To be in a position to watch with horror or joy – people like this.”

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