It must be exciting for a new demon-slayer to unsheathe their sword and discover its colour! What if the blade turns out to have a black nichirin?

That’s what Kamado Tanjiro experienced. It becomes clearer that this is not a sign of good luck as the colour swirls slowly upwards from the hilt up to the tip.

The black nichirin blade becomes more mysterious when one examines the bright blades of other characters .

Although there isn’t enough information on the black blade, it has become a popular topic for fans to discuss!

Is it a bad sign or a symbol for Tanjiro? Find out more!

What does a blade of black nichirin represent?

A black nichirin knife blade, like other connotations of the color black, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are happy.

One, there is not enough black-blade users to base any decision on. This is because many people who ended up with one did not live long enough to have a good idea of what the future holds. Demon slayers aren’t really the best.

The manga mentions that there are a few black nichirin users, which is why we know so little about it. It is believed to be the mark for an unsuccessful swordsman

This casts a shadow over Tanjiro’s future. Haganezuka saw Tanjiro’s face and predicted that he would get a red-colored blade to signify his luck and family’s love of fire.

Tanjiro’s entire name symbolises his connection to charcoal and fire. The kanji for Tan means charcoal. The first half of Kama refers to a Japanese furnace that uses charcoal.

Does the black blade symbolize the trials and tribulations that one might face in the future? The other characters have also suffered greatly.

Tanjiro’s tale ties back to centuries past with that of Yoriichi. This could possibly emphasize his own sufferings and the role he played in the creation of the black blade.

We’ll get to that later. Let’s first look at the information Kyojuro Rengoku had.

Rengoku’s knowledge about the blade

Rengoku provided valuable insight into how the various breathing styles evolved and their relationship to nichirin knives. Each style has its own colour code, as we now know.

He lists five basic breathing styles but does not mention the Sun Breathing. Because nobody has heard of “Hinokami Kagura”, this is because it’s not something that anyone had ever heard of.

This means that the Sunbreathing colour is not known.

Rengoku also mentions that he has never seen a black-nichirin blade swordsman. He also mentions two other important points.

First, no black-blade user has ever been a Hashira. This is due to the fact that black blade swordsmen aren’t far from the corps.

He also mentions that the blade is for those who are unable to find a single breathing style.

Rengoku tells Tanjiro everything he knows about breathing styles, the black nichirin knife, and so on.

This would make sense for Tanjiro. Tanjiro began with Water Breathing, before he discovered Sun Breathing/ Hinokami Kagura.

He continues to use both styles. Rengoku may have been right in stating that Tanjiro’s breathing style is dual.

Warning: This section contains spoilers for the Demon Slayer manga. You can proceed at your own risk.

Are Sun Breathing enthusiasts equipped with black nichirin blades

As we have already mentioned, Tanjiro is a key figure in the conflict’s history. His Hanafuda Earrings and Hinokami Kagura were not ordinary family heirlooms.

This is because of a strong friendship between one of his ancestor and the progenitor breathing styles: Yoriichi Takukuni.

Yoriichi invented Sun Breathing and other breathing techniques.

Its complex nature meant that not everyone (or even very few) could learn it . This is what led to the creation of the five basic styles as students integrated the lessons into their lives.

Muzan was able to defeat any Demon Slayer Corps member that could learn Sun Breathing. All information regarding this style was lost.

Even worse, Kyojuro’s father Shinjuro destroyed any records that might have contained information.

Kyojuro’s younger sister, Senjuro, apologizes to Tanjiro for the destruction of Hashira records manuscripts.

Even ignoring this, Yoriichi’s tragic ending was nothing short.

If the sadness in the heart of someone is represented by black blades, then it makes perfect sense that Yoriichi as well as Tanjiro ended with black blades.

Tanjiro saw his entire life change in a matter of hours, and he said goodbye to his happy life.

This is not to negate the struggles of other characters. Some who arguably suffered worse background stories than Tanjiro are still here. However, Yoriichi as well as Tanjiro share similarities.

Both of their brothers were demonized, and they both experienced the horrors that came with picking up a sword to watch their comrades die.

It is because of their tragic lives that many people believe their blades are black.

Although Yoriichi’s black blade is not confirmed, his design and apparent lack of mention of any other colours have led to fans assuming that Yoriichi did indeed wield a black Nichirin blade.

Black and light absorption

Practically speaking, Sun Breathers might have a black blade. We know that nichirin blades are able to absorb sunlight which is what kills demons.

What if black is the ability to absorb the most sunlight? This would be called Sun Breathing.

It is not a color, but an absence of it. You’d also know, if you were paying enough attention at school, that black is not a colour but the absence of it!

This is why it makes sense that black blades absorb the most sunlight per blade. To withstand this excess sunlight, you will need a way to breathe.

Sun Breathing is the creator of all styles. It’s arguably the most powerful.

The best way for the Sun to be of assistance is when it’s rays are at their maximum capacity. The use of black in the form a nichirin blade could be interpreted as a blessing from the Sun.

Black absorbs all colours. It is the original style of breathing that gave rise to other styles. This would make it symbolic why Sun Breathing users use black blades.

Does Tanjiro’s black nichirin blade turn crimson?

Although a black blade might be unusual, it is still nichirin. It is not known if black blades work differently to other coloured blades.

A black blade is unique in that it has lore and omens. If they fulfill any of the conditions below, black blades may turn crimson-red.

Yoriichi and Tanjiro both managed to get their blades to turn to crimson.

Yoriichi’s method was simpler, but Tanjiro turns his black nichirin knife crimson not only with his demon slayer marks but also with Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art.

This is evident in the fight against Rui. Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art technique “Exploding Blood” allowed Tanjiro’s blade to turn crimson.

When it turns crimson, a nichirin blade is capable of exceeding its capabilities and powers. This is a different color than the Flame Hashira’s nichirin red.

The primary factor that triggers the change is the increase in temperature. There are three options:

First, the blade can become red if the user holds onto their sword tightly and puts all of their strength into it. The blade’s temperature rises depending on how strong the user is.

Obanai mentioned that the blade turns to red when the user is “pushing him to the brink or death” .

Obanai’s purple nichirin blade becomes crimson-red. Obanai says it’s because of a “griplike a vise em>
  • Second, friction between weapons can cause the blade to turn crimson due to heat.
  • Finally, Tanjiro uses Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art for setting his sword ablaze, giving it all the heat it required to turn red.

The first two methods can only be used with the demon slayer marks.

Yoriichi was first to activate the Crimson Red Nichirin Blade.

The nichirin blade can be extremely dangerous for demons, as it can hinder regeneration and also cause cell death. Kokushibo felt the power of a crimson-red blade firsthand. He described it as feeling his insides were being seared.

Are you unsure if the black blade actually represents a Sun Breathing user or Rengoku’s more accurate information? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments

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