Tanjiro was responsible for‘s scar. He saved his brother from a brazier that was falling when he was young. Brazier is a heater made up of a stand that holds the charcoal inside.

Because he is the incredible brother Tanjiro, it’s not surprising that he would do anything to save his siblings.

We see that his will to save Nezuko enables him to become an incredible swordsman.

The evolution of Tanjiro’s scar

Tanjiro vs. the Hand Demon

The Hand Demon has a long history of being associated with Urokodaki Sakonji. He attempts to kill Tanjiro after he has already killed 13 of his disciples. To his dismay Tanjiro prevails and is able to behead him.

We see Tanjiro bleeding over his scar. This is likely a way to show the “transformation”.

His scar will no longer be a patch of skin that has healed. Now Tanjiro has a scar that looks like crude flame marks. This is how Tanjiro’s scar will remain until he fights Rui.

Tanjiro vs Rui

Tanjiro Vs Rui was the fight that broke the internet. Tanjiro managed to sneakily change Tanjiro’s scar. His scar was prominently visible on his head, but it was not as prominent. His scar has grown larger after the fight and is now more visible.

Why does Tanjiro’s scar keep changing?

It is clear that all of the scars we have seen are demon slayer marks. They aren’t the final form. They may actually be Tanjiro’s growth.

Tanjiro’s mark has changed every time he has been forced to increase his hearing rate (more later). This indicates that his body has become more used to fighting and his ability is heightened.

The symbolism of the scare is to show how Tanjiro continues to evolve.

Tanjiro’s journey from a young boy who lost everything to becoming a demon slayer with impressive skills and conviction is marked by each scare. With each change, the scar represents Tanjiro’s mental strength and physical strength.

Let’s now see what happens after Tanjiro activates his demon-slayer mark.

Warning! The following section may contain spoilers for the manga Demon Slayer. You can proceed at your own risk!

Tanjiro awakens his demon slayer mark

Tanjiro is finally able to activate his demon slayer marking, proving that his mental and physical abilities have been enhanced. As time passes, Tanjiro’s scar becomes more severe and only changes when activated.

Tanjiro vs Gyutaro

Tanjiro awakens his demon-slayer mark while fighting Upper Moon 6 Gyutaro

Tanjiro realizes that he requires more power to defeat Gyutaro who he had managed to trap under his own feet, and his mark begins to shift. Gyutaro is also shocked by the changes.

Tanjiro’s scar becomes two marks that show blazing flames. Both of them are located on his left side. The one on his left side is in the exact same position as his scar, which runs to his eye. The other is smaller and begins at the temple.

The scarlet final version of Tanjiro

Finally, Tanjiro gets an upgrade to his scare (which seems to be back to the way it was when he fought Rui).

After the Hashira Training Arc we can see the cruder design of his scar transform into a flame. This mark remains the same until the end.

But that’s not enough!

After Muzan’s poisoning Tanjiro becomes a demon. His situation is somewhat similar to Kokushibo. Tanjiro, a skilled swordsman, became a demon just like him.

Tanjiro receives more demon-slayer mark– isque patterns.

He receives three flames. The left one grows and runs down his nose while the two smaller ones are on his right side.

The one that is closest to his scar is the opposite, and the smaller one is at his jaw. Their resemblance, while not identical, is something to be noted!

We’ve already discussed the marks extensively, so let’s look at what makes them special.

What are Demon Slayer marks and how do they work?

Demon Slayer marks can be found on demon slayers who are strong and have additional abilities. They are often used to indicate the user’s breathing style (read more about breathing styles here).

Yoriichi Tsugikuni was the first to be spotted with the mark. The mark was eventually “passed along” to Yoriichi’s other swordsmen, and it was a time when many demon slayers were awakened.

It was possible only because of the existence a Sun Breathing user. The mark will not be visible if a Sun Breathing User is not present.

Although it is not mentioned that the birth or “marked” one results in the manifestation of the mark, Sun Breathers are the only known marked ones. Therefore, we can assume that this breathing usage must be a condition.

Simply put, the mark’s primary operator is a Sun Breathing user. The mark can only be passed on to comrades once it is unlocked by a Sun Breathing user.

This symbolizes how comrades are united and work together towards common goals. This mark spreads quickly through other users and shows that one awakening can have a domino effect.

How can it be awakened?

It is necessary to have a Sun Breathing user, as mentioned previously. This generation witnessed the Demon Slayer marks return, as Tanjiro was the “marked one”, a Sunbreathinguser.

The mark can only be unlocked if the person is physically pushed to the edge. When a person is in danger of losing their life, the mark will awaken.

A heart rate of over 200 beats per hour is required for the user. Their body temperature should be at least 39 degrees Celsius, which is above the normal range.

Demon Slayer Mark capabilities

Activating the Demon Slayer Mark offers two major benefits.

It allows you to see all living things down to the bones. This is known as “Transparent World”. The ability to see bones, blood flow, and muscles allows one to predict their movements with ease.

It also makes it easier for the user understand the health and status of their opponent. It makes it easier for the user to see the world and feel like everyone is moving slowly.

The mark also allows the nichirin to turn crimson. This is a great advantage, as demon regeneration is impeded by crimson-red nichirin blades.

The curse of the mark

According to , no one who activated their mark lived past the age of 25 . However, there are exceptions to this rule. Yoriichi and Kokushibo both live longer than 25 years. Gyomei is also able to escape the curse, as he awakens at 27.

What do you think of Tanjiro’s scar evolution? Are the Demon Slayer marks cool for their power abilities? Comment below to let us know!

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