We see celebrity videos being leaked quite often. This is not a cause for discouragement. What do you think if it was shared continually? Tyga and Bella Poarch were the first to experience this. Within hours, one video was leaked on Reddit and Twitter. People began to question the situation and things changed. The majority of users were excited to learn about it. Keep reading to see all the latest updates.

Bella answers this difficult question about Taiga and herself in the end. Bella Poarch came out to deny rumors that she had worked with Tyga. The story began in September, when Bella and Tyga recorded a TikTok clip together. They were seen dancing together to Tyga’s music in front Tyga’s Los Angeles home.

Onlyf released a video of the couple, which was believed to be Tyga or Bella, two weeks after the TikTok video went public. According to her fans, it was recorded right after she had spent time on TikTok. The internet speculated that it was Bella or Tyga.

Although Tyga and Bella did not respond to the claims, Bella has effectively confirmed that the claims were rumors. The TikTok Star took part in the TikTok “2 Facts and a Lie” competition. This allowed users to share one lie and two facts about them. Bella said that Grif Johnson tried to access my DMs and she made a tape. She was able to get me adopted. She highlighted in red the part where she stated, “I made an audio tape with Tyga,” which means that she is lying about everything.

It is unclear if Bella Poarch confirms or denies the rumors that she collaborated with Tyga in a TikTok video. She responded to these claims with a short, sweet statement: “Incase it was not obvious,” she can be heard saying on an unknown day. This is likely to refer back in September when they first collaborated on this apparel brand’s marketing campaign.

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