Titan inheritors often gain the memories from the previous shifter but only in fragments. This happens when certain criteria are met. It usually requires a trigger.

Eren has the Founding Titan in his case. This allows him to recall past events when he’s in touch with the royal bloodline.

This happened twice in this series.

Historia Reiss and Rod touch each other in the cavern beneath the Reiss chapel. Historia was also touched by Rod. Historia was kissed the second time during Historia’s coronation.

Although the memories Eren had of the vision were not shared with the viewers/readers at the time, his expression later spoke volumes about the significance of the vision.

Eren was able to see Grisha’s memories of the time he killed the Reiss family in the chapel, based on what little was shown in the anime (Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 22, Manga Chapter 90).

Is it the cruelty of his father that caused Eren to look so stunned? It doesn’t seem so.

What was it exactly that Eren saw as he kissed Historia?

This section contains spoilers for major Attack on Titan manga chapters. You can read the rest at your discretion.

In Chapter 121 of Attack on Titan, we get a clear view of Eren’s vision when he kissed Historia. It is important to first understand three things.

  1. The special ability of the Attack Titan:

Grisha reveals to Frieda Reiss in the chapter that the Attack Titan can see the future or the memories of its future inheritors.

This means that, just like other Titan shifters, they gain the memories of past users randomly.

Or, if certain criteria are met, the Attack Titan can receive memories from both its past and future heirs (in bits, of course).

However, it isn’t known if these memories can alter the future. This could mean that the timeline for Attack on Titan could be closed-loop.

Grisha, while fighting Frieda Reiss, the Founding Titan, receives or can see a memory which belonged to future Eren.

Grisha did not see this scene or memory in Attack on Titan’s timeline. However, it is possible that it could have been a scene from the rumbling. It is impossible to know what it was.

Grisha said that this was either a disturbing “scenery” or an eerie memory.

  1. Timelines:

Grisha kills members of the Reiss family, and regains the Founding Titan in 845. He sees the future Eren’s memories while this was happening.

Historia Reiss wins the year 85.

Chapter 121 is set in the year 854 or 855 , depending on how long it has been.

Grisha has a future memory of Eren in the year 845. It is of Eren from the 854; another memory is of Eren further ahead (probably the scenery)

  1. Chapter 121: Attack on Titan –

Chapter 121: Zeke and Eren go through Grisha Yeager’s memories using the power the Founding Titan.

They then come across Grisha’s memory of the murder of the Reiss family.

The twist that is the most shocking in the series comes when we discover that Grisha didn’t kill Frieda Reiss or the rest of the family, but Eren forced him to.

Let’s now answer that question.

Eren kissed Historia during her coronation (year 855) and he saw Grisha Yeager’s memories (year 845) as well as the future memory Eren that Grisha had witnessed while fighting Frieda Reiss.

In short, Eren was able to see the future through Grisha Yeager’s eyes at that moment.

Eren isn’t angry and shocked by this.

Why was Eren so shocked and angry at Historia’s touch?

Eren discovers that Grisha Yeager actually decided against the killing of the Reiss family after seeing future memories. After seeing the future memories of Eren, he changes his mind.

Many speculate that Eren could influence the past or change it.

Grisha’s request for Zeke to stop Eren is what really angers Eren. Grisha realizes that Eren is on a dark path.

He doesn’t want the future he sees to happen, so he asks Zeke for help.

Grisha was shocked because Eren saw through Grisha’s eyes the “scenery” that would be in the future.

If this was the memory of the rumbling, then it portrays incredible destruction. Eren might have been stunned to know that he would cause mass genocide in future and that there was no way for him to stop it.

He actually hoped it would happen.

What did Grisha refer to as “scenery?” What was the secret to Eren’s transformation?

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