Boruto Chapter 52 brought a lot of things to the table, and the all-new, mighty Baryon mod is a large part. It’s more hyped than Might Guy’s 8 Gates, let me tell you.

Naruto’s “Baryon” mode , is his new mode. It’s a double-edged sword. It gives Naruto immense strength, but it also suckers off Kurama and his chakra (and life force). ).

Kurama explains that the Baryon Mode, a transformation similar to Nuclear fusion. Its name is after Baryon, a sub-atomic particle.

In Baryon mode Naruto’s and Kurama’s chakra are combined, creating a fusion reaction to create a new form of energy.

What makes Baryon Mode different from the Kurama and Sage of Six Paths Modes?

Yes! Yes! It’s energy!

You can keep it going until one or both of you die.

This mode gives Naruto incredible strength. He easily captured the chakra rods that Sasuke couldn’t see with his Sharingan. It seems that he could stop the sensory cubes easily.

This mode is more powerful than , which it kind of is. He could defeat Isshiki but Naruto can’t sustain this mode. Five minutes in, he was already down one knee.

Kurama, our cunning fox, stated that the mode’s efficiency drops without even thinking! This mode’s chakra absorption rate is extremely high and could prove to be devastating.

To keep his prosthetic arm functioning, he sent chakra to Kawaki all the time. It’s so common for Naruto to do this.

As our apparently overpowered Villain declares “I don’t care for that glance in your eyes,”

The life-shortening, sacrificial wager that the Baryon mode represents, according to Isshiki, is why it’s called the Baryon Mode. This duo cannot defeat their strongest opponent by brute force. Their only hope is to use the power-up that can shorten someone’s life span if Naruto makes physical contact.

This is a terrifying ability, because Isshiki’s lifespan was reduced from 23 hours to 10 minutes by our messiah! All in one chapter!

We don’t know much about this mode so this power-up could even be considered a plot armor. We’ll still take it.

Let’s get to the point.

Will Naruto Die (updated).

Although Naruto did not die using the Baryon Mode for his death, someone else certainly did.

Let me clarify, however, that I would have been totally fine with Naruto dying during this fight; it will be a hero’s death.

Naruto’s symbolism is clearly visible as his form becomes more golden. Kurama’s direct comparison with this mode to the sun clearly demonstrates that Naruto has become a “redgiant” at the moment. He’s releasing a lot of energy, and will eventually exhaust all of it. This is just like a Sun.

Hagoromo gave Naruto the Yang Seal, which is considered as sunlight.

Naruto is a bright, intelligent person who has been compared to light and sun before. He led the shinobi world towards peace.

Naruto’s death while protecting the shinobi universe in such a magnificent fashion is all we could ask for. It is something Naruto would be proud to have done.

To find out if Naruto really will die in Boruto click here to read the article .

Boruto Chapter 52 was Kishimoto’s return from Naruto.

The story continues in Ukyo Kodachi’s fashion, but Kishimoto’s style may become more prominent as we get closer to the real climax, the showdown between Boruto, Kawaki.

It will be fascinating to see how Kawaki fights Boruto, and what happens to our beloved characters. I believe Kishimoto will return to his roots and deliver the best writing we have ever seen.

What do you think about this mode? Are you sure Naruto will make it?

Now, you can cross your fingers, wait to read new chapters, and pray to God that Naruto doesn’t get the “necessary character development fate” from Kishimoto-sensei!

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