Since its inception My Hero Academia Shigaraki Tomura has been the main antagonist of our young heroes. His initial goal was to kill All Might, much like the other villains in League of Villains. However, the series is undergoing significant changes. His personality is shown to be distorted and he doesn’t care much about others. He murders innocents whenever he can.

Although he started the series more as a pawn, acting according to the wishes of All For One, his character develops dramatically in the later stages My Hero Academia. This sets him up for becoming a Villain that can send chills down the spines of someone like Endeavour.

Shigaraki’s transformation begins after All For One has been captured and later when he confronts his past and accepts it. What is the sad backstory that Shigaraki Tomura has to his dark past?

Shigaraki Tomura’s Sad Backstory in My Hero Academia

We all know that Shigaraki, the grandson and 7th user of One For All Nana Shimura (who was also All Might’s mentor), is Shigaraki. Tenko Shimura is his real name. He was born to Nana and Kotaro Shimura. Nana Shimura, believing that her status as a great heroine would only put her son’s lives at risk, raised Tenko, i.e. Kotaro’s father in a strict environment to ensure Tenko’s safety. He was rarely seen by her and she showed little affection or attention.

She had very strong reasons for doing so. She was accompanied by All For One, searching for an opportunity to kill her. He could have easily used Tenko’s dad as leverage against her. Nana Shimura may have had good reasons to be cold towards her son but Kotaro felt neglected as a child and developed hatred towards his mother, heroes and all people in general. Over time, this hatred only grew. He was a cynic who would react to anything that went against him. His family was raised in a Hero-hating environment. He was bitter to the core.

His bitterness often manifested as harsh words and physical abuse to his children. Kotaro would punish his children for the smallest of errors, which would be considered a joke by any normal father. This mental trauma caused Tenko Shimura to hate his father and left him feeling depressed.

Although Tenko was considered to be a quirkless child, he still experienced physical changes. His grandmother and mother (not Nana Shimura), would be with him at all times, along with his sister and their dog who Tenko loved so much.

Tenko’s sister Hana discovered a photo of her father and their grandmother Hero while they were playing. It angered their father so much that he beat Tenko into a pulp when he found out. Baby Tenko looked towards his grandmother, mother and sister for help but they were unsuccessful. They couldn’t help but stare in horror at the events.

Tenko was beaten and went to his family dog for comfort. That’s when Tenko’s Decay Quirk activated, and he accidentally killed their dog. Tenko didn’t know what was going on when he saw the dog die. Hana then comes out to apologize to Tenko for not standing up for their father. After seeing the deeds of her brother, she was shocked. Tenko grabbed his sister’s hand in panic and confusion to tell her it was an accident and ended up killing her. His grandmother and mother discovered the truth and went to help Tenko, but Tenko also accidentally killed them.

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Tenko ran to his father later, wishing to console him. It is important to remember that Shigaraki was a young boy, confused and scared by what had happened. Shigaraki’s father saw what he did and grabbed some garden tools to defend himself. Tenko realized that his father didn’t care about him and gave in to his hatred. He then finished the job. He felt a strange sense of satisfaction. This feeling of satsifaction was a pivotal turning point in Shigaraki’s journey to becoming a villain.

Tenko lived on the streets for the next few days. The streets believed that a Hero would save the child, but no one came. All For One found Tenko and blamed the society for his misery. This further inflamed Tenko’s hatred of heroes. All for One later named him Tomurau, which means To Mourn. He also gave him the surname Shigaraki because that was his surname. He adopted Tomura from his League of Villains, and he became his son. This prepared him for taking over the League of Villains once he was ready.

As a token of appreciation and as a reminder of his past, Kyudai Guaraki, the Doctor, gave Tomura the hand of his family. These memories were suppressed by Tomura as he grew older and he had completely forgotten them until recently. Shigaraki, now a new villain in My Hero Academia’s current storyline, put the memories behind him and moved forward with renewed conviction.

This is the story of Nana Shimura (the 7th user of One For All), who left behind a sad legacy. Unwittingly, she created the most dangerous and powerful villain in the world.

What do you think about Tomura Shigaraki’s backstory? Do you think his bitterness towards society is justified when he considers his tragic past? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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