Jujutsu sorcerers employ many cursed methods to summon cursed spirits. These techniques can be used to exorcise curses, but they may not work against certain curses.

These cases require that the sorcerers either have a sharp eye for their attacks or be able to enhance them. The Black Flash is a way to increase the cursed techniques and physical attacks on cursed spirits.

What is Black Flash?

Black Flash is a powerful physical attack that uses the distortion of space to cause high-impact damage.

A shaman uses cursed energie to create a distortion of space. A combination of a fast flow of cursed energie and distortion of space results in an impact 2.5 times stronger than a normal attack.

Black Flash isn’t a cursed technique. This is a taijutsu technique that uses high levels of cursed energy control. Shamans will often throw a punch. There is a gap between the physical hit as well as the cursed energy hitting their opponent. Because their control over cursed energy is imperfect, this is why they often throw a punch.

The gap isn’t too large (unlike in Yuji’s Divergent Fist), but it is still negligible. Black flash is a cursed energy that can only be controlled so well that it applies in 0.000001 seconds. This is nearly equal to zero.

Black Flash is for shamans what the zone is to athletes ( hello Kuroko no Basuke). This increases their chances to land a heavy attack and power in the subsequent attacks. It also increases the likelihood of hitting an opponent with another Black Flash attack.

This technique significantly amplifies the shaman’s attacks. To land a Black Flash, the shaman must have a good understanding of cursed energies and an incredible concentration. It is rare among sorcerers. Black Flash attacks are not something that any shaman can do at will, even Gojo Satoru.

Understanding Black Flash is what separates a Shaman from other shamans. Nanami says that it feels like everything revolves around the shaman.

What people have used Black Flash up to now?

Black Flash, despite being “uncommon”, is still used more often by higher-grade or special-grade shamans.

  • Itadori Yuuji uses the Black Flash several times to defeat the cursed spirit Hanami. Aoi Todo assists him during the fight at Kyoto Sister School to learn the technique.
  • Nanami Kento has used the Black Flash four times consecutively, but he believes that he was just lucky. Before Yuuji, he held the record for the most Black Flashes.
  • Todo uses Black Flash to fight Mahito. He is an expert in the technique and has had to experience it.
  • Kugisaki Nobara used Black Flash as a double attack in their fight against Eso, Kechizu.
  • Mahito used Black Flash against Yuuji during the Shibuya Incident Arc. However, it is not clear if it can be used with other curses.

Other powerful shamans, such as Yaga or Gakuganji, may have used the technique. However, Utahime and other semi-grade 1 sorcerers have not experienced the technique.

What is Black Flash and Itadori Yuuji’s Divergent Fist different?

Black Flash and Divergent Fist can be described as two opposites.

Due to Yuuji ‘s “lag” when using cursed energy, the Divergent Fist is a unique attack. It strikes twice on the opponent, inflicting damage twice. Black Flash, however, is a lightning fast flow of cursed energie, faster than the shaman’s reaction time.

Divergent Fist can be caused by poor circulation and control of cursed energies. Black Flash, on the other hand, is only possible if the user has extraordinary control over cursed energy.

Divergent Fist

Because the cursed energy flows in tandem with the blow, it can cause a tremendous impact. Black Flash and Divergent Fist are separated by the instantaneous factor. Divergent Fist is not available to Yuuji. They are mutually exclusive.

Why does Yuuji have multiple Black Flash attacks at once?

Nanami says that Black Flash can be used consecutively. It is difficult to use it more than once consecutively, or twice in one day.

Although Yuuji may not be an experienced shaman but he still manages multiple Black Flash attacks on Hanami. His record of consecutive Black Flashes rivals that of Nanami, a veteran shaman. Why is this possible?

The effectiveness of Black Flash is largely dependent on speed and strength. Yuuji is a superhuman speed and power savant, even if he did have a small flaw in Divergent Fist. He can channel his form and keep it intact much more easily than other shamans.

Second, Yuuji used to be an athlete. Yuuji probably knows how to feel the zone and how to touch it. His muscle memory and knowledge support his efforts to tap into Black Flash.

Todo was Yuuji’s third guide. Todo helped Yuuji to see the end of his technique even though he was letting his emotions take control. He believed in Yuuji’s ability to use multiple Black Flashes.

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