Asta, the protagonist in Black Clover was chosen by a five leaf clover grimoire that people didn’t know about. Since Black Clover’s debut, the grimoire has been a mystery. The mystery of the grimoire’s devil-possessed inhabitants and the dark antimagic Asta can use only intensified the mystery.

Grimoiresare books containing spells. They are the main source of power for Black Clover mages. They can enhance the user’s magic and enable them to cast spells that would be impossible if they relied only on their own magic.

As the owner gains experience and increases his power, more spells can be added to the grimoire.

It is common to have the three-leaf clover grimoire, which most Clover Kingdom mages possess. A grimoire containing flour-leaf clover is a sign of an exceptional mage. Rumours suggest that the fourth leaf of the clover will bring you good luck.

The five-leaf clover Grimoires, however, are extremely rare. It is so rare that even Julius Novachrono, the Wizard King, didn’t know much about the spells inscribed within it. According to legend, a Devil lives in the fifth clover leaf. Asta’s 5 Leaf Clover Grimoire appears to house a devil who is known for his anti-magic abilities.

But what is the five-leaf clover grimoire? And where did it come from?

This grimoire’s mystery is revealed later in the anime, towards the end the Reincarnation Arc, which is the 9th longest and most complex arc in Black Clover.

What is the Five Leaf Clover Grimoire and what are its benefits?

Five-leaf clover Grimoires, also known by “Grimoire Of Despair”, are originally four-leaf clover Grimoires. A four-leaf clover Grimoire can be destroyed by a person who is in great despair.

The grimoire’s colour is also changed to black by this process.

Devils can use these grimoires to complete their manifestation. In Asta’s instance , a devil possessed the five-leaf clover Grimoiree. Asta has managed to control it, but the devil is determined to seize control of his body in order for him to manifest into the world.

Black Clover chapter 267 reveals the identity of the devil and shares interesting parallels to Asta.

Only the Grimoires possessed only by Patolli/Patri and Licht have been shown to have turned into a five-leaf clover Grimoire. Dark elves are also shown to be transformed by elves who have been filled with malice.

Normal grimoires disintegrate after the owner dies. The five-leaf clover grimoire, however, is not disintegrated. Instead, it stays inactive until a new owner appears.

Asta has the grimoire to despair that was once Licht’s. After the massacre of his clan, Licht fell into deep despair and transformed into a giant demon. He then went on a rampage. Licht was defeated by Nero, the First Magic emperor who had watched over that grimoire for more than 500 years.

Let us know your thoughts on the five-clover grimoire. Are there any other points we have missed? Please let us know what you think in the comments section.

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