You have heard of Water Breathing (or Flame Breathing), and all the other breathing styles found in Demon Slayer. One style of breathing caught our attention is the one that can make “all that matters in the world” Total Concentration.

Tanjiro and his friends want to improve their skills after the events at Natagumo Mountain. They soon realize the stark differences between them and Kanao Tsuyuri, a fellow demon slayer. Tanjiro is then introduced to this type of breathing by the Butterfly Estate servants. He does his best to adapt to it. This style of breathing is quite real and actually has benefits!

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What is Total Concentration Breathing (TCB)?

Total Concentration Breathing allows for the regulation of breathing in a way that maximizes both the practitioner’s mental and physical capabilities. This is crucial for demon slayers as their mind and bodies need to function at maximum capacity while working in harmony with each other.

Kanao calmly manages to block Tanjiro; her calm state has to do with her practicing Total Concentration Breathing.

This style is focused on giving the mind and body the right position to function at their best. This style is useful in the most crucial parts of battle, where it can make the most impact on the enemy. Tanjiro says that he trains faster and puts his “lungs in overdrive”.

This allows the body to take swift and decisive actions, while maintaining oxygen at a certain level (this is almost a biology lesson), so that it can be battle-ready.

This is not only something you should do when it is necessary in battle, but it every day. This is the key to reaching Hashira-levels of strength and speed.

Total Concentration Breathing: Constant

Like all Hashiras, Kanao and other Kanaos, they practice total concentration breathing all the time. They have complete control over what they are breathing (and how) throughout the day, even when they’re asleep. This strenuous effort results in a significant increase in strength, speed and stamina.

The “strenuous effort” – is actually very difficult. Tanjiro is seen running around the mansion, carrying up rocks with ropes, and climbing. This helps him to adjust to his breathing while doing exhausting activities. Meditation is then used to aid him in concentration and make him more aware of the air in his lungs.

Kiyo Teruachi, a servant, said that there is a dimension between those who can and those who cannot. We can see this by the way Kanao moves. Although she was inducted into the corps at exactly the same time, Kanao is faster and has stronger reflexes. This is just one example of how effective total concentration breathing can become when it is done continuously.

The largest gourd that has to be broken by blowing air into it.

Tanjiro asks to be hit with the stick when he falls asleep to ensure he doesn’t falter. The training consists of breaking different sizes of gourds by simply breathing. They continue to grow in size until they reach the final one, which is quite large. In the end, Tanjiro and Zenitsu break it and are able to practice this style.

Concentration Breathing in Real-Life

Yes, that’s right. It is possible to use breathing to help your body. Techniques such as Conscious Breathing and Box Breathing are the real-life versions of Total Concentration Breathing. Studies have shown that conscious breathing is extremely beneficial to the body.

You can feel more positive by controlling and caring for your breathing. This can often be seen in people who meditate, focus on their concentration, or calm their minds.

Consult your doctor before you decide to blow into a big gourd.

Fun fact: Yoshihide, the Japanese Prime Minister, stated that he would respond to any cabinet meeting with “total concentration breathing”. (Yeah! He made an anime reference while at work. )


Total Concentration breathing is a fundamental type of breathing that helps users improve their mental and physical abilities. To improve your reflexes, you should practice the technique every day. This will help in fighting better. It explains why Hashiras are so strong and able to fight with ease.

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