Without even realizing it, success hits the rails without any effort. Flyysoulja & Kodiyakreddand have written one such success story. The Island boy rappers are now known for their duo. After the release of “Island Boy”, they gained a lot of attention in October 2021. It has been performed by TikTokers and has received over 200k likes.

Flyysoulja & Kodiyakredd Rappers

Flyysoulja, and Kodiyakredd are real names of Alex Venegas or Franky Venegas. Their family names indicate that they are brothers and in fact twins. They are from Florida and have gained fame and success with their Island Boy song, which was recently released on TikTok. Flyysoulja a.k.a. Alex Venegas, 20 years old, is a huge part of the duo. He was the main voice behind Island Boy song, and he leads the duo. Kodiyakredd (20-years old) (identical twin) eventually became a more calm person. His charm and personality keep the flame alive in the duo.

Parents of Island boys

Kodiyakredd was the first to ignite the musical spark between the brothers, and he has continued it since 2020. He was known for his tracks and music like ‘Smoke’ and ‘9ine’ back in those days. His social name or fan-name was Redd4x. He later changed it to Kodiyakredd. The reason for the name change has not been explained. On October 7, the brothers appeared on No Jumper Podcast to talk about their rap careers in front of an audience.

Their song goes viral

Alex Venegas has nearly 200 000 followers on Instagram, which is incredible. Kodiyakredd, i.e. Franky is also on Instagram, but he has a moderately low following. They have also started a YouTube channel to help them establish their social media identity. They upload vlogs, music videos, and other audio clips they use to create their music tracks. They have just 20,000 subscribers on YouTube and they are growing.

Island Boy Rap is a trending topic in October, and its fans are crazy about it. The song is loved by many, as can be seen in some of the tweets such as “Messed about and now “I am an island boy” stuck in my mind.”

We hope these boys achieve greater success in their singing and music careers.

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