The Clover Kingdom survived the destruction caused by the Eye of Midnight Sun’s attack. But there was another danger. This time the danger isn’t limited to Clover Kingdom. It could also swallow Clover, Diamond, or Heart Kingdoms.

Three people from the Spade Kingdom, the Dark Triad, are at the heart of this mess: they are the only three members of the Spade Kingdom. They might be called “mere people”, but that is a way to justify their exterior appearance. They are more than that, and can defy every human emotion. Who are they? What are their goals What are their goals? Let’s get to the bottom of these questions.

Who are the Dark Triad members?

The Dark Triad refers to the three Zogratis brothers of the Spade Kingdom. They currently rule the Spade Kingdom. They are all extremely powerful mages who have the power of the devils. They have the ability to borrow the powers of the top-ranking devils that reside in them. Each Dark Triad has Dark Disciples, loyal mages who can share the powers of the devils. This is a list of their abilities and who they are.


Dante, the oldest Zogratis brother and leader of the Dark Triad, is the youngest of the Zogratis brothers. Dante believes that evil is the only true face to humanity, and he enjoys it when others succumb to their malice. He is cold and cruel-hearted. He loves to fight and is focused on what he wants.

It is obvious that he hates people with little or no magical prowess. Lucifer, the power of devil, is a part of him. He has the dual ability of Gravity Magic and Body Magic. Although he was not able to use the 80% power, he can do so when he’s excited. He is also able to regenerate his body, even when it is cut with a sword. This makes him a formidable power.


Zenon is a bloodthirsty entity that hides behind a calm, calculated facade. He is a vicious and devoted man who loves his homeland. He will do anything to avoid obstacles and kill anyone who stands in his way. He prefers to kill people who resist power and looks down on those who lose. He is a contemptuous person towards Yuno, Asta.

He was sent to defeat the Eight Shining Gens of the Diamond Kingdom. However, he accomplished it all on his own. He has Bone Magic as his innate magic, which allows him to manipulate bones for defense and attack. Spatial Magic is a powerful tool that the devil can use.


Vanica is the last member of Dark Triad, and she hosts the notorious devil Megicula. She enjoys fighting tough opponents and is determined to eradicate all weak people from the world. She will dive headfirst into any fight and call people “trash” when they are unable to defeat her. She can curse anyone because her devil gives her the ability to Curse-Warding. Megicula/Vanica have so far cursed Lolopechika of The Heeart Kingdom, Acier Silva and Water Spirit Undine. Her own magic is Blood Magic, and she can manipulate blood to her liking.

What do we know from the past about them? Here:

The Dark Triad’s history:

Spade Kingdom was once ruled over by the rightful king of House Grinberryall. The Zogratis brothers committed treason using the power of their devils, and decimated the royals. They took control of the kingdom and created a dictatorial regime. They were referred to as “The Dark Triad” by citizens shortly after these events. They caused endless suffering.

They abuse their power and leave the Dark Triad disciples untouched. With the devils’ powers granted to commanders, the militant kingdom has seen its borders expand exponentially. What are the plans of the Dark Triad? They are going to great lengths to get there.

The Dark Triad’s goal

The Dark Triad is dedicated to making the Advent of Tree of Qliphoth a reality so that devils can enter the living world. They hate the weak and expect them to destroy them. Each member has their own reasons for allowing the devils to enter this world. Dante hopes to spread malice throughout the world by unleashing devils on the human race. Vanica, on the other hand, wants to be all-out with tough guys who can survive in such a dire situation as the invasion by devils.

This ritual requires World Tree Magic or Dark Magic. William and Yami were captured by the Dark Triad for this purpose.

You may be wondering why this is bad news. The Tree of Qliphoth will grow and reach new levels. There are seven gates, each called a “gate”. The Tree will open every gate and unleash the devils in the human world. There are ten total devils. The more powerful the devil, the higher the level. Yes, indeed, in seven days, at the final gate we will meet Lucifer, the BOSS. Yami, William and the rest of the ritual will also die by the end.

As Lolopechika recalls, this tree was opened once before. It caused great destruction and chaos. It will bring even more destruction and chaos this time around, as devils are still free to roam the human world. 90% of humanity will be killed, and the whole continent will be destroyed.

What is the Dark Triad’s strength?

We can safely say that the Dark Triad is quite powerful, with three of the most powerful devils living in it. They are formidable opponents because they have mastered their respective powers. Even Zagred, a lower-ranking devil, was powerful enough to be defeated by Asta, Yuno Lumiere, Licht and Secre. This Triad could be as powerful as the Wizard King Julius during his prime.

The Heart Kingdom believes that only those with Stage 0 magic or Arcane Stage magic have a chance against Dark Triad. It is important to remember that Dante was defeated by Yami even after he had gone through time-skip, and William (and Golden Dawn) were unable to defeat Zenon.

Situation currently

The Spade Kingdom, under the control of the Zogratis brothers, has captured most bases in the Diamond Kingdom. To suck their magic, the Dark Disciples also oppress Spade Kingdom’s weak population and power their fortress. Already, the Dark Triad attacked the Heart and Clover Kingdoms and took Yami and William hostage. The Heart Kingdom is still in chaos after Lolopechika’s abduction and the curse placed on Undine by Megicula. However, the Clover Kingdom knights are starting to counterattack and rescue them.

Are you positive that the Dark Triad will succeed? Do you think they will be stopped by the other kingdoms? You can read the Black Clover manga chapters on Viz, and leave a comment below.

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