UFC President Dana White posted a funny incident on Instagram right after it was captured on camera.

Saturday night was not your typical night. It was an intense atmosphere. This Saturday night saw the fight between YouTube sensation Tyron Woodley and prizefighter Jake Paul. This night was spiced up by UFC and MMA stars.

Nate Diaz was also there to witness the fight. After a fake punch, she came in and gave nightmares to bare-knuckles fighters. It made everyone laugh, as they were expecting a serious fight.

Social media goes viral for the Clip

Dana White, president of UFC, shared it on her Instagram account. It was also captured on camera and became viral quickly.

The video clip shows Nate Diaz with Chris Avila, her friend and teammate. She attempted a fake punch against Carrese Archer, a star MMA fighter. The video shows them crossing over each other.

Carrese Archer Nate Diaz incident

Carrese Archer was caught in shock, and flinched at Nate Diaz’s reaction. His drinks spillage can also be seen in the footage. Although we don’t know if there were any provocative things between them, high-alert security personnel entered the arena to keep the situation from getting too heated.

The post received a lot of funny responses and views.

Carrese Archer seemed to not like the joke that was being shared on social media. Openly, he stated that if Dana White, the UFC president, can book his fight with Nate Diaz, then he will defeat the UFC star wrestler in one round.

As the situation heats up, it will be fascinating to see them both fight in the arena. It will be interesting for us to see which of Archer’s intelligence or Nate Diaz’s aggressiveness wins the fight.

This story is all over social media, and many fans have responded to it. Many people came out to support the MMA fighter. Nate Diaz has a large net worth. He was a champion fighter and won numerous titles.

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