It was obvious that Jujutsu Kaisen’s plot took new turns. We will soon meet new characters. Kenjaku was also one of them.

He was not an unexpected character.

This reveal was instead something JJK fans had been waiting for.

Chapter 90 had revealed this, but most fans knew by then that the Geto we were seeing was fake. Finally, Gojo confirmed our suspicions in an emotional manner.

However, we were left with many questions after the revelation of this Brain.

Who was the vile creature that inhabited Geto’s head? Jump to chapter 134. Our onii Choso identified Geto’s father.

This reveal again left us and the other shamans completely confused. The Brain kept its silence about itself.

Choso wasn’t wrong, but Tengen was the one who finally answered our endless questions about the bizarre Brain. They called the Brain Kenjaku.

But who is he? But who is he? Continue reading to learn more!

Kenjaku: Who are you?

Kenjaku refers to the identity of Geto, the Brain that is currently controlling Geto’s body.

This important information was provided by Tengen in chapter 145. Kenjaku, a shaman at least 1,000 years old who has the cursed ability of Brain Migration, is able to give us this important information in chapter 145. He knew a lot about Kenjaku from his involvement with Sukuna.

Tengen also knows this shaman. We’ll be talking more about this later. We don’t know much about Kenjaku before this current form and its origins.

However, he seems to be able to use the powers of the bodies that he has very well. We mean both the techniques and the means.

Kenjaku seems to be very well-versed in cursed techniques, not only of the one he has but also of other shamans. We can see that Kenjaku is very clever and stealthy in his schemes, based on the story so far.

He can also accurately predict human behavior and read emotions.

All of this could be due to his many years of hard work. This is all we know about Kenjaku’s history:

Kenjaku’s past

As we have already mentioned, Kenjaku uses the cursed method Brain Migration. This allows him to change bodies and take control of people’s consciousness.

Only three Kenjaku-possessed people are known to us.

It is likely that he has had a number of shamans as well as non-shamans throughout his life.

Kenjaku was a shaman from the Kamo clan during the Meiji Era. Kenjaku, Noritoshi Kamo’s son, committed many vile acts, including the creation of the Cursed Woomb: Death Paintings.

He performed cruel experiments on a woman and earned the title of the most vile shaman in the history.

These crimes may have been committed by Kenjaku long before Noritoshi Kamo was possessed, but were only discovered due to the family status.

Presumably, after Noritoshi’s death or Kenjaku’s incapacity to use him anymore he moved on to other bodies.

In Yuji’s chapter 143 memories, we see that his mother had the same stitches used by Noritoshi Kamo. This coincidence leads us to believe that even Yuji was a victim to Kenjaku.

Kenjaku, however, is not allowed to reveal her goals or actions as a woman.

Finally, Geto Suguru was possessed by Kenjaku. After an unsuccessful attempt to kill Okkotsu Yuta, and stealing Rika’s body, Gojo murdered Geto on Christmas Eve.

Gojo didn’t have Shoko dispose off Suguru’s body so Kenjaku had the perfect opportunity to seize control. The first step was to take control of Suguru’s body.

Kenjaku appears to have a singular goal despite multiple possessions and theatrics.

What’s Kenjaku for?

Kenjaku is a solely focused on the evolution of humanity.

Tengen and Kenjaku both claim that Kenjaku is trying to force a forced evolution. This goal is somewhat different from the original Geto’s, who wanted to kill all nonshamans.

However, Geto was unsuccessful, but Kenjaku is making great strides towards his goals.

The cogs started spinning eleven years ago in favor of Kenjaku’s distant goal. Toji Fushiguro’s intervention really kicked things off by causing Tengen’s failure to merge with Star Plasma Vessel.

Because Kenjaku plans to merge Tengen and humankind now, this simple example had a tremendous impact.

He also managed to get his hands on Geto’s corps using the Cursed Spirit Manipulation technique.

Shibuya also saw him seal Gojo, his most formidable enemy and, ironically, his best friend in the body he lives inside, at Shibuya.

He also sent shock waves to the jujutsu community at Shibuya by working with many people from Japan. Either he had Sukuna cursed spirits possess him or activated their cursed methods.

After taking all the necessary pre-emptive steps, he started the Culling Game. What will happen at the end this terrible bloodshed? We don’t know the answer, but we do hope Kenjaku doesn’t make his goals a reality.

This is all we know about the mysterious shaman. We still need to find out his origins and how he became so thirsty for evolution, as we mentioned earlier.

We can still trust Gege Akutami, who will create a compelling backstory for this character, much like he did for Geto. We are hopeful that our expectations will be fulfilled!

What do you think about Kenjaku’s goals and Kenjaku? Comment below to let us know your thoughts about Kenjaku and his goals!

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